Saturday, December 26, 2009

Sequel of shopping (Part 3)

This happened on 21 DEC at Parkson, KBTC

oh my God, is this for real?
i like this, really..
Let see the price: it's RM 300.
Ok, i'll buy it.
No, you can't buy a bag for RM 300.
you 'd promise urself that you don't want to overspent.
But, it's beautiful. Really. I can't deny it.
It's not worth it.
You can buy that kind of bag at pasar malam for RM50 or less.
6 pasar malam bags 're worth about RM300. (maybe more bags)
But, Thailand-made and branded products never the same , dear!
No one will notice if you wear the pasar malam bag.
But, I don't wear pasar malam bag.
no, I do.

It's RM300.
Ok, i promise I will use this bag throughout the year.
Maybe i can use for 2 year. or even more.
I won't buy any bag anymore.
Arr, are you sure? Err.. IDK

Thats it.

RM300 is nothing for others and it's cheap for a bag. But the thing is I do not want to overspent. i really want to save money..

p/s: 2 post in 1 day. maju2.

Sequel of Shopping (Part 2)

Rule No 1: Do not Overspent! No, i do not overspent. Things got worse when we did spent money and at the same time there's no income, which means there's no money in. I want to buy a watch. I want new clothes. I want new bag, new purse, and shoes that suit with my every clothes. Human's lust never ends.

Last time, i went to a mall. Before going there, I'd made my mind that the only thing that i want to buy is BAG (backpack or sth like that) We walked around the mall, went to many shops. But,
I can't find anything there. There's nothing there. Huh! "I am not going home without a thing." I strolled around and then stepped into a shop. And I bought a pair of shoes which i think (after buying that) i don't really need. That was my problem. I just can't help myself from not buying sth. Yup, I have no money but i still want to buy. haha.

Then, i went shopping and I'd made my mind again. I just want to buy a bag and a pair of sneakers. But things went worse when I overspent again.


I dreamed that one day i would have my own mansion. I want to have a special room for me. that's not a bedr0om surely. but it's r0om with
everything; clothes, shoes, bags and accessories and something that we called girls' stuffs. Ala- ala Mariah Carrey. I'll call it Accessories room then. There, i want to put all my collections. I want to go shopping every part of the world. haha. Who am I to dream such thing. Huh, I'm not the princess; not the daughter of affluent parent or sth like that. Well, that was just a dream. Nothing more.

Haha. Once i posted this and people read it, i am completely sure that people will think that i'm such materialistic, stupid or sth. Say what you want to say. Surely, no one will take me as his GF/wife. hahaha. whateva.

Hee. Actually, that's not my dream but it's Becky's dream. I just want to have simple life; such a perfect bliss; mencapai mardhatillah~

p/s: post ini agak, tidak. post ini betul2 mengarut.

Thursday, December 24, 2009


aku: mama, ikah boleh g kan ari ni?
mama: gi mano?
aku: laa, gi pcb la.
mama: demey kan tu, xyoh g la.
aku: xdemey doh ma. deme ciiikit jahs (kelentong)
mama: demey2 duk rumah la. rilek kt umah. g sana koho demey xpasa plop.

Hari ini genaplah 2 hari aku disahkan demam. 2 hari juga la aku berdiet. Jangan fikir aku obses nk kurus tp makanan yang aku makan semuanya pahit. Semuanya x sedap. Pahit, nak sedap macam mana. Tp kan, kalau aku terus berdiet gini ade chance x body cam Jessica Alba? haha. ntah pape.

Rancangan aku dgn geng IT nak gi bercuti semuanya hancur. Sedih la jugak. Sorry ek ten, een, zakiah, zaza, byqie, adnin. Dah la last dah ni. Tapi, nak buat macam mana.

Mmm, tp sakit2 ni buatkan aku terfikir banyak perkara. Aku muhasabah balik semua2. Sejak abes SPM, banyak perkara yang aku x istiqamah. Huh. Apepun, sesungguhnya sakit itu penghapus dosa.

Tidaklah seorang muslim tertimpa suatu penyakit dan sejenisnya, melainkan Allah akan mengugurkan bersamanya dosa-dosanya seperti pohon yang mengugurkan daun-daunnya”.

(HR. Bukhari no. 5660 dan Muslim no. 2571).

Rebutlah 5 pkr sblm datangnya 5 pkr. salah satunya; masa sihat sebelum sakit.

p/s: tahniah buat adik2 MMP yang berjaya dalam PMR. Alhamdulillah pencapaian MMP menaik tahun ini. hee. bahagia sangat. Tahniah juga buat sepupuku, Yana. Harap2, SPM pun menaik jugak. amin.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Part 1: I hate shopping!

*Hesitated* I woke up at 6.10 am and asked myself "should i continue my sleep?" haha
later, I had my breakfast. The clock struck 7.00 am. It's still early and and i asked myself again, "should i continue my sleep?" hee. The truth is, I'm not the night person and i can't sleep t0o much or my head will get dizzy throughout the day.

Then, i switched on my lappy and started watching confessions of a shopaholic. Well, I knew that I'm pretty ketinggalan zaman as the film was published in Feb. (if i wasn't mistaken)
I started at 7. 15 am and i think i would stop by 8 and get prepared myself to Karisma. (there's a talk on scholarship and whatsoever relating to it) and I would continue it when i get back.

I can't help myself from laughing throughout the film. The film was completely hilarious. Things wasn't going as what I've planned as i found that it's already 8.45 am. I asked myself again, should i go there? I would be very late.

My review on COAS:

1. i lyke it. i lyke it. i lyke it. haha. I just feel that i understand what's in Becky's mind. Well, shopping is sth essential in our humans' lives. N0t only humans, but the vampires did shopping t0o. ( An unpredictable effect after reading and watching twilight), hee.

2. I adore the Becky's clothes throughout the film. It was OMG amazing. Not to mention, the shoes, bags and others accessories. I would love if I can wear that kind of clothes; Prada, Kate Spade, Anna Sui, Denny and George. How much they cost eh?

3. Message of the film: i don't believe that there's a particular message from this film but i personally came out thinking that maybe I don't need all of the things that I buy. Uhhu. The problem that Becky encounters (in this film) makes me thinking of disadvantage of shopping. Shopping is necessary but excessive shopping will ruin your life. Credit card is a magic card! but once you're overdraft, you would say it s*ck. Say no to this phrase:
"People who wants to make millions, borrow millions first"
- Rebecca Bloomwood, Shopaholic Takes Manhattan.-
Well, that really makes me hate shopping. I do hate shopping! haha

4. Would i recommend the film? Yes, i definitely recommend COAS especially for the girls. Mmm, I personally think that this film is targeted to the girls out there.
And for the boys, i knew you hate this. Hee. I somehow, really enjoyed this chick flick.

5. Lastly, I don't really think that men hate shopping. They adore shopping more than female, perhaps.
Most men enjoy shopping. What they do not like is having to wait while their wife or GF takes forever to decide what they are going to buy. Men can shop fast. They know what they want, find it and just buy it. Which i think is really contrary with women. Women need to go through a lot of items to decide what is the best looking. So girls, don't ask ur hubby/oppa/ BF to go shopping with you or else, they might kill you. hee


-I just don't know why I came out of ideas to write about "Shopping" here. I would say that I really want to go shopping! Err, No, I hate shopping. haha.

-Twilight and new m0on are awesome. I just loved them. I've already read the twilight but not the 'new moon'. S0on, perhaps.

-Luke Brandon once said: "She's not my girlfriend. She's not you". xD

Thursday, December 17, 2009

5 SCIENCE 1 Farewell Party

The most tiring but memorable day~

First of all, Yeay for us for finishing our SPM

It's the best party ever. there's a bit chaos at first but then, things going ok n more enjoyable.
Pictures do tell everything~

Waa, rindu le nk ngenak bibah, ngantuk dgn adnin, gedix dgn ain, bossy dgn fiq. manja2 dgn hani, bebel dgn nab, senyum2 dgn ten, bertenang2 nge yine. Studying together, competing each other n JiHAD-ing together. What a wonderful memory to be remembered! I just still can't believe that we had finished our school days; means, we're getting older n older n OLDER! huh.
To the teachers especially cikgu azlina; sayang cikgu2 eh. berlari lari nih cikgu~
Hopefully, I'm still me. however I'm trying to be a better person. There're thounsands To- Do List for this new year. huh. tengok la yang mana betul- betul dapat buat.
UPU pun belum diisi. xtaw GPA & CGPA (ko-ku).
kehilangan idea & kata -kata untuk berblog. sudah lama ditinggalin.
Good Bye semua (",)

Thursday, September 24, 2009


First of All, Amaravati, Gupta, Pallava, Pala, Cola [Atikah G Pusing PC]


sebak di pagi hari. Ntahlaa. pagi2 sudah berjiwoo. Xper2, air mata syawal. Hee. Lepas g kubur n rumah sedara2 tdekat, terus balik rumah. dkat zohor da time tue. Xse la cite satu2, pnjang. Pastu, ramai plop hop mari. Petang tu gak, gi rumah nab ngan adek. Lucu weh sero. *da jnji xse cite kat sini* haa. Otw pulang, nampak org tu; bju ijau. Kagum. Hari ini, meme kenyang molep sero. Byk molep makanan masuk. Pakai baju hitam tahun nie. Gelap semacam jer. Meme Simple jer la. Tp xkesah laa.

Ingat nk pi jalan2 ari nie. tp mlm tu sedara2 call nk datang. Cancel semuanya. ke dapoo la jdnya. Leteyh plop ari nie. Leteyh2 pun, makan tetap banyak. Petang tu sempat la g beraya. Masyuk2.. haha. Adek lak menghilang dengan kawan dia. Balik tu asyik duk poyo dengan duet raya nie. Hari ni jgk,fatin mai umah. kitaorg lunch skali. kawan sepermainan time kechik2. lawa sungguh yo loni. Teringat lak kitaorang men jual satay daun kat bawah pokok. Beli2, murah je, 2000 satu cucuk.

Umah aunty ade kenduri. suppose pagi2 lg pergi. Tp ak mengalami komplikasi yg sangat menyeksakan. Mula2 ak ok lagi. Tp makin lame makin ***. Tergulim2 aku ats katil. sian gilax kat stapie kena lenyek2 kat aku. Lepas rehat2 ckit, ak gagahi ugop ke umah nora. sbb da jnji etep. Sblm msuk lg, aku disekat oleh sepupu2 nora; diorg mit0p duet raya laa. hehe. Pastu asyik duk pegang kain aku. Bahaya2. Lepas 2 g umah mak su. Xmsk lg, kak nor ajak nek umah dio. Lawa siot rumah yo. pastu, abg wadi mari. aku pun nek keta g kat kenduri tuh. Dekat jah padahal. Duk la situ. Makan2. KEcek2. Cari mama? xjupo? Xmari lg ker? pelep. Pastu g umah mak su balik. Abg aku naek ats, trus tdo. Isk3. Aku habeskan masa kat bawah dgn makan sekut. tart sentiasa jd feveret aku. Lama gak la lepak situ smbil2 kecek nge mak su. Kak nor pn ade skali. Tgk kat langit, cam nk ujan je . so aku n kakak cpt2 btolak pulang. *drizzling* tp bez..

Spptnya tamat suda laa tempoh berhari raya. tp nth laa, ak meme xde mood langsung nk pk psl homework. esp physic. sej lg bez dr phy.(ye ke?) Klu dulu, phy la feveret aku. tp skank, ntah laa. kepada kawan2, cukup2 laa raya tue. p la buat 0mwork. leh ak tiru nanti. haha. Family semua g beraya ntah ke mana. sorang2 je la kat rumah. Men game jer la. ngee~

alone, lonely. ditinggalin. Men game~

nota kaki
1-Rasa epi sangat raya nie. hee.

2-Terima kasih kpd insan2 yg bagi duet raya. even sy tahu saya x tua, x besar, xdewasa tetapi saya masih muda, kecik dan kanak2. haha.

3-teringat lak shopping ari tue. Lepas 20 kedai, baru aku jumpa kasut raya. tu pun dua hari seelum raya. Baju lak, even XS pn xpade weh. teringin nk shopping lagi. Eh, jom shopping..

4-pesan senior: kure sikit main: main buleh jugok :tp kure sikit.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

am i the next?

perasaan pg ini: geram

hari ni, sperti biasa aku bersiap- siap utk ke sekolah. 6.50 pagi. ak sudah sedia dengan uniform sekolahku. dan kakak msih blum mandi. arrgh. sabar. tnpa mbuang masa yg agak berharga, aku cuba membuat sedikit latihan; sedikit sahaja. 7.05pagi, aku masih lagi sabar. 7.25 pagi, ok masa untuk ke sekolah. Hari ini agak semangat sedikit. Hari bersejarah kerana aku akan didenda. Mungkin juga aku akan disalahkan kerana menyebabkan ustas terlepas solat dhuha. (kata kawan2 aku yg telah didenda seelum ini) Sekali lagi aku diuji, motor bocor. betapa bertuahnya aku hari ini kan? Kemudian, aku memanggil kakak yang seorang lagi. mengharapkannya untuk menghantar aku ke sekolah. Malangnya, beliau
belum mandi. Dan katanya, dia ingin ke Kb selepas itu. maknanya aku perlu menunggunya. Aku tahu, dan sangat arif dengan kakakku itu. Masa yang terpantas untuk nya bersiap adalah sekurang- kurangnya 1/2 jam. Masa perjalanan yang ditambah dengan kesesakan lalu lintas ialah paling cepat 30 minit. Kebetulan kereta meronta- ronta untuk diisikan tenaga. Ini bermakna tepat jam 8.40 pagi, sampailah aku disekolah. (jangkaan semata- mata). Ini juga bermakna aku akan didenda. 2 kesalahan serentak. Ponteng sekolah dan datang lewat. Jadi, aku membuat keputusan untuk tidak ke sekolah hari ini. Yana, maafkan tik ek. Kelmarin, aku ingin berjuang bersama-sama yana untuk menjalani hukuman. Tapi, hajatku ternyata tidak kesampaian. Saat ini, aku betul- betul gementar teringatkan cerita kawanku. Kelmarin, Mudirah telah menampar beberapa pelajar tingkatan 6 disebabkan memonteng sekolah dan gagal dalam trial baru-baru ini. Adakah aku mangsa seterusnya?

debe doh loni. isk~

Sunday, September 13, 2009


smkin hari ak semakin lagho
lagh0 dgn khidupan duniawi

terlampau b
yk nikmat yg Allah kurniakan pd ak
tp ak msih merungut
aku xprnah fkirkan yg ak sudah ckup bertuah bbnding org lain
mgkin juga ak belajar hanya kerana SPM.
dan aku xpernah hargai peluang yg ada depan mata ak

ramadhan is goind to end so0n.
aku tak tahu sama ada aku masih smpt b
ertemu dgn nya thn hdpn..

Aku harap ak dapat mentransformkan diri ak ke arah yg lbih baik
ak xnak jd manusia yg celaka.
yg mana hari ini l
bih buruk dr hari smalam.

trial Xm: ak jangka ak fail +math. bila dpt result,
ak dapat B4. Terima kasih , ya Allah. ak harap ak tak akan putus asa. dan juga aku harap ak takkan sia siakan stp apa yg ak dapat. Doakan aku untuk SPM. Doakan juga ak istiqamah

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I will never be
I will never be tall
And I will never be
Never ever
Be sure of it all
Oh, why is the world
So cruel to me

When all
All I ever want to be
Is anything I'm not

Gimme a break
A little escape
I am so tired
Of being me
I wanna be free
I wanna be new
And different
Anything I'm not
I'm not

I will never be
I will never be you
I will always be
I will always be me
That I know
But oh
Even though
I'm happy being me
I want to get away
From all
this harsh reality

Gimme a break
A little escape
I am so tired
Of being me
I wanna be free
I wanna be new
And different
Anything I'm not

Gimme a break
A little escape
I am so tired
Of being me
I wanna be free
I wanna be new
And different
Anything I'm not
Anything I'm not
Anything I'm not

Gimme a break
A little escape
I am so tired
Of being me
I wanna be free
I wanna be new
And different
Anything I'm not

Gimme a break
A little escape
I am so tired
Of being me
I wanna be free
I wanna be new
And different
Anything I'm not
Anything I'm not
Anything I'm not
Anything I'm not
Anything I'm not

p/s: kak marina taught us history today. and i was like

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

this is the last....

the last depressing post....

"i dont want to wake up 10 years from now, realizing that all i have wrote in this is pretty much fucked up things happen in my life."

- fawwaz aizat-
Shock? sue me then. haha

You're definitely right. i don't want that too. A tough girl- that what i should be.

i don't know how many times I've failed. Ouch.. that really hurts. Surely. But what I'm going to do about it. Crying and sobbing for a whole day? Hey, it's just trial exam! It's not a total failure right. Is it possible to have a perfect life? But, is it a blessing to have a life with no worries, no obstacles? Idk. Well, I'm just me. A girl, who always feels down every time after exam. boring eh?

And never breathe a word about your loss; if, kipling

It is not the end of the world yet. i still have 2 month. (not to mention that how fast it flies)And start from now; Lets berjihad!

“Calling somebody else fat wouldn’t make you any skinnier and calling someone stupid doesn’t make you any smarter, all you can do in life is try to solve the problem in front of you.”

Just now, i did read a blog about an ex- SPM'09 Batch student. 12A1 and a decent ko-ku still not qualify him to get JPA scholarship. is it just about luck?

Ok, salam ramadhan. kinda late, seyh.

I decide to skip school on 30 August ( this is the twentieth time i skip school. bad girl~). the thing is I'm still in holiday m0od. wanna join me?

p/s: rip Edward Kennedy. i've read it just now here

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Thursday, August 13, 2009


Sonorous voices of Estrella continues to sway in crescendo
the melodies transcend the air, create a symphony of unknown rhythms
those thoughts still haunted me
i'm still here all alone
still waiting for something, which seems impossible
unless i strive to catch for it right now


All i know is, i need "sakinah"

p/s: i need my modem back!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


millions thanks to En. Mohd (?) ntah, lupa plop
for bringing back my purse
after two weeks, i think

ceritanya bmula..

ikah, ado post laju ko ikah..

eh? ko ikah ko? adios ko? sukenyer

xcited ssaat.
bufday ak ker? dop2
n rsnye ak xmsk pe2 contest.
ak pn ambil bnda 2 dr kakak.

mohd. lupa bin lupa jgk.
pej pos bsar

sap0 yo nis?
"pen holder"
pktaan itulaa yg tertera pada kotak hijau muda tu.
"oloss, wat gapo gonis"

buka la kotak 2..
"eh, purse ikah larr~"

n skeping nota..


the end.

p/s: yinE, selamat ari tua. ExaM? sobs..

Monday, June 22, 2009

When you believe

why there're too much evil people in this world?
why they need to lie and hurt others?
why they grab others' happiness..
i won't forgive you. ( am i evil here?)

the last thing that u left for me was gone.
i don't have anything else anymore.
what should i do now?

there can be miracles ,when you believe.
is it true?


P/s: i'm posting this at school. don't jealous k.

p/s: isk, miss mggedix. hani dpt syumn baru. lalala

Saturday, June 20, 2009


help, help me!

arghh. bencinyer.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

La Parure

Warning: Don't read if u don't dare to read. panjang2

felt so tired today. 8.50 am: set out from house & went to Karisma Edu Centre (ceyh, skema la plop)
9.05 am: reached there. Luckily, the class didn't start yet but i had to sit at the back. sobs.
(there's sb who is-supp0sed-not-to-name came by 10. Anyway, i don't even know who's actually that person.) I'm not that late k. hehe. The worse part is I had to squint over the whiteboard. Erk.

My sis phoned me just after the class ended. She asked me to walk to Pantai Timur. She's there with my mum n lil sis. Yeah, it's sh0pping time. 0pps, i mean, time for acc0mpanying them t0 sh0p. I walked there as fast as could (meme laju bena la). Just t0ok 5 minute. Lalala. Before that, i went t0 Masjid Bar0ah, just beside the Ct Khadijah market. Kinda angry with sorang pak cik. He's standing beside of women's ablution area. Ok, it's still acceptable. maybe he's waiting for his friends but his face's closely facing to the cements with have a lot of holes (idk the exact name for it. I'll call it "gotu2 laa" ) as if he's peeping. Errr...

Stop and stare at a lot of shops today. I don't want to buy anything. I wanted to but ... (xpe la mama, bazir jer.) I'm just craving for a DSLR. Indeed. Just can't resist it. My sis teased me and said, "I'll buy it for you once you become a photographer, k. =P" Err. Came home a bit late today. T0ok bath. Then, blogging time. hee. I need to pack all my stuff tonight as I'll stay in hostel for 4 days. (Opps, just 3 days 2 night as i need to back home on Monday evening and skipped all the classes. I'll return on Wednesday morning). I' ll be extremely busy on the next three days.

OMG, i don't finish my homework yet. Bi0's rep0rt and PSI exercise. (ni x campur homework2 sblm exam). Loser me! A few reminders to 5Sc1 students. please bring all these stuff k

- eng cerdik exercise book
- chem n phy RM1- exercise books
- graph papers
- some choc or biscuits for our supper, hehe

p/s: "page under construction" till forever. hehe.
pS/s : la parure means the necklace. FYI, it doesn't relate anythin' with this post.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

page under construction

nanti la esk lusa edit blik.
banyak lg x bereh.
adik ak kata xlawa lasum.
bia la.
lgpun, xml ni byk error ckit.
nak tukar colour n font semua kena ejas kat code. malas3

mid-year xm da lps. x tnteram lak klu xtau result
xsaba nk nanges. hehe

thats all.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Lipliner - kenapa mesti dia?

Erm. Actually, there 're a lot of things that i want to share here but when my fingertips touch the keyboard, i lose all my points. Idk why. This morning, w0ke up, tried 2 squint at clock through my sleepy little eyes

"Uh, still 5. jap ag rr"

*sleep* sleep*

sh0cked** it 's already 6.30 am.So, moral of the story :procrastination is undeniably a thief of time.
subuh pn lambat. klu laa bgn td, leh jgk solat2 sunat. alahai. nvm

8.00 - 10.00 am: attended english class.
9.50 am: bila nk habis ni, lapa2. "skipped breakfast today"
10.00 am: Yahoo, it's time 4 yogurt! lalala

feels s0 tired today. I was in no mood to do anything. By 6 pm, h0me sweet home! Masuk rumah 2, bau ssuatu. WOO, Sedap jah bau nie. Thx Mama. Keletihan 2 terubat dgn sendirinya.
Mama siap sediakan minum petang, kuih2 agi. Nasi pn sedap ari nie. hehe. (Bila lapa jd gitu rr)


"Kenapa Mesti Dia?" Ya, kenapa mesti dia? Asyik2 dia. Haih. Chem, ak rasa betul2 ketinggalan. Semua orang maju. Aku? Entah la. Phy? asyik2 dia. Da la exam bru nie. Math? npe ak x spantas dia.


Mixed* what should I said?

Last, i'm scared. Really scared. Mama. cikgu. diri aku. (?)

P/s: Next post will be:
-Ain G kuasa 3
-Ani & kisah makcik2 nasinya

P/s: sian kat farhan & kirah. harap korang x pape.

Friday, April 17, 2009

mascara of TKP '09

It's over.
waa,, rindu ugop.
terima kasih kpd smua yang membantu
esp. Am & Izzah.

and not to mention, seniors n juniors yg sentiasa bg kerjasama.
*kak tikah sporting?* hik
sry juga untk segala kekurangan.
mmndgkan ak lambat bt KKD.
kalau x silap, 5 ari sblm
so,xleh nk g jau

beg & KKD

ehem3 >.<
da xtau nk kata aper
cumanye,rasa nk mkn ABC jerk. da sbulan da ak nk mkn benda tuh.
tp xdpt2. sobs
so, Atikah, da xde alasan untk ngantuk dlm kls da lps nie.

16 and 17 April 2009

Monday, April 13, 2009

pink blusher

the beach

"ehem3, i was about to delete this post actually. but just realized that
it was my 5th unpublished post"

2,3,4 APRIL 2009

Sth had happened and i was not really happy with that circumstance. i was blamed for sth .. err, idk. it's illogical, 4 sure. Maybe, i'm just an unwelcome visitor. Arrh, i didn't care it anymore. However, i'm quite excited actually. Had a romantic time alone (haha) at the beach.
so peaceful. i do love beach. waa~

9th APRIL 2009

the GBS
-zakiah, zaza, een n me-
24-hours in front of pc. [eating- sleeping- reading(?)] except for bathing. hik3.
memories at zaza's h0use're the best.
even, it's frustrating to know that we didn't win.
just because a simple mistake >.<

skipped classes for a week
byk yg xfaham nih, isk3

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


hye, i'm blogging again.
after a period of time, i supp0se.

erm, 1st of all,
i dont want to talk about th0se crappy things
i slept early last night
i didn't finish my homework
i didn't read books
i can't answer exam well

even i can't answer well for bio paper in March test
>ah, let bygone be bygone

boring. boring

ok, lets back to the main point
last week, my friends & i talked bout future
it's foreseeable future, perhaps
erm, i'm thinking of engineering
(after frustrated with bio)


on the way home, i looked up at the sky,
the perfect blue serene sky
clouds, birds
so peaceful~

i'm thinking again
i'm thinking of aeronautical engineering
ah, again~


p/s: kakak, nk g pata. bring me there
p/s: per main point post ni ek?
p/s: berhenti merungut whai Atikah syg~

Saturday, February 21, 2009


this s0-called ehem3 means sth sth. ok (?)

My word! SPM 's coming closer.
do i realise it?
yeah, i do
then i forget about it
i realise it again

(now= the realisation about it is dawning. hEe)
HOw difficult it's going to be? i'll try because
I want 12A1 for m
y spm

i take 12 subjects for my
+tasawwur Islam
i'll strive with my best
to fulfil my and THEIR dream esp. mama n arwah ayah
InsyaALLAH i'll achieve
12A1, ameen

SPM'll start from 18th Nov till 16th December (subject to change)
i'll sit for PQS paper on my birthday *hehe*

Good luck to all
SPM 09 candidates
do pray for me to0



p/s: ehem3, ngantuk lar~

Saturday, February 7, 2009

'nothing to write home about' post

long time n0 see.
miss me? ehEm2

phew, phew!

i'm so pr0ud today
as i managed to finish 5 essays in just two days!
even i knew, i might get C (m0re w0rse, perhaps) for th0se essays..
whateva.. the m0st imp0rtant thing's i've finished it
however, i've tried my best. [yer laa 2]

but i haven't finished my addmath exercise. L0ser me!
i've tried t0 do it, but the rest of 'em 're kinda $%^&*
i'm stuck. ok?

Now, my time management's S**K
i d0n't have enough time 4 my own revision.
Everything's for homework
but, th0se messy things still do not prevent me from going on9
there's an evil song, perhaps which always asks me t0 go on9.. haha (excuse, again?)


We got another essays t0day.*sigh*
n t0morr0w our teacher'll give us another package (3 Bahasa Malaysia essays)
s0, this week, i have 6 essays t0 be finished (+ arabic essay/ insya')

ok, enough
the m0re i write, the m0re ... (?)
nothing more then
more trouble than its
worth, perhaps
n0 m0re then~

Thursday, January 15, 2009


14th January

this p0st'd been written yesterday when i'm not feeling well.
Yeah,i'm EMO.


Well, this starts when

1. people asked me

- ikah nk jd gap0 nati?
- tik, medic eh?
- awk da F5, kna ada cita2 da ni.
- ikah ngaji sungguh la ek.

2. and my friends turn t0 be "very g0od" students.
w0o. 24 h0urs with b0oks.
they g0t the spirit. and i only have 1% of that.*sigh*

and when i felt like i d0n't want t0 go t0 sch0ol anym0re.
i d0n't want t0 bring th0se heavy b0oks. i d0n't want t0 wait f0r buses.
i don't want t0 do homework.


me: yine, xse es sk0la. pastu nk wat kap0 eh? any idea?
they: nik0h ah wei. haha.

then, the rest' re laughing at me t0 death.


i'm 17 now. If i st0p here, what's about everything that i've achieve before.
means, i'm wasting my time.

hani once said t0 me:

tik skmo gitu, kat0 xstudy tp klu ckgu ty bleh jwb skm0.

hey, i'm l0sing my grip, dear

15th January

i know n realise that
There's only two choices in this life; t0 win or to lose.

To sum up, everything's about a choice.
A choice, ok?

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Lets begin

1 Muharam 1430H
just passed and today is
1st day 0f Jan 2009.

So, wish you all happy Maal hijrah and happy new year.
Is it the same? huh, nevermind though.
Erm, the year for my spm just begin.

A few days ago, i did j0ined a camp. It was organised by NISAA'.
The camp had began from 29 till 30th Dec.
The camp involved 122 student .hee. ( stereotype sentences, right?)
I really g0t s0mething beneficial fr0m that camp.
And n0t to mention, i g0t new friends t0o.
Miss u adik lilis and adik nabilah.
Erm, i do not want to share about the camp here. ^^

Talking about new year, everyone must has their own intentions.
It is a must, perhaps. Erm, i own a few.
but i think, it is better for me to keep it as my own secret=p.
And i have my own reasons for that.

g0sh, i am gr0wing 0lder and becoming more matured.
2008- there are spectrums of bittersweet memories there
I would never forget th0se. Thanks to this blog, which helps me remembering my past time.hee.
Actually, my mind is out of space. LOL. So, good bye 1429H and 2008.

i am lacking of ideas.
ok then~

p/s: am i a weird0?
ps/s: Welc0me back to sch0ol, girls~
pss/s: d0 u see s0mething? i did not use any abbreviation for this post.

*feeling weird in these two days*
[[i'm helluva lazy]]

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