Saturday, October 4, 2008

c0nQuEr ur shYnEsS~

Yesterday, i f0und a piece of newspaper cutting, date July 7 (NST).. Aisyah gave it t0 me last year( ntah cmne bleyh ader ag).. huu,, "learning t0 c0nquer shyness"- thats its title.. haha.. s0, i want t0 share it here!!

techniques t0 c0nquer 0f ur shyness:
ღ try self-affirmati0n. everyday, as soon as u get 0ut of bed, stand in fr0nt of mirr0r n say, " I FEEL GREAT!", " I FEEL FANTASTIC!" it may seem a little silly at first but after a while, ur mind starts 2 believe what it has repeatedly heard!

ღ Make sure u always l0ok ur best. u just have t0 foll0w a few c0mmon sense principles. eg: nice cl0things, nice haircut.. it'll help u build ur self-esteem.

ღ Acknowledge ur shyness. there's n0thing wr0ng with telling other people that u're a little shy (in fact, this can be a w0nderful way 2 break the ice)

ღ C0nstantly try 2 improve urself. take up a new h0bby n acquire new skills..

ღ learn how 2 deal with rejecti0n.. n0 matter h0w hard u try, there'll always be a few pe0ple that w0n't like or accept u. "if u can't please everyone, s0, u've g0t t0 please urself" plus, it d0esn't have t0 be the end of the w0rld if a pers0n d0esn't like u..

t0 a very large extent, shyness is "all in the mind"- 0nce u start 2 behave with c0nfidence, u're , in effect, b0ld n no longer shy!

raya's over, exam's coming

hye there.. t0day's 4th Syawal..i think it's n0t t0o
early t0 say that: "raya is 0ver,, ri
ght??" h0pe s0..
Ok2, maybe t0day is the las
t day t0 celebrate n enjoy it..
alth0ugh s0me pe0
ple (m0st of 'em actually) celebrate it
thr0ugh0ut the m0nth of syawal. huh, 30 days 0f n
makan, makan
and maka n,duh! i'll be a fatty s0on,
FYI,, this's n0t a sequel
t0 the fat entry k! nges2

dush2!! scared??

have t0 visit my relatives and attended their 0pen h0use..
it's a cust0m actually (maybe). l0ads 0f f0ods were
stuffed int0 my m0uth.. haks..nasi dagang, roti jala+kuzi,
lemang, ketupat, rendang, nasi beriani
, n s0 on ..
delici0us n tasty!! really a splendid moment..

quite impressed when i visited Kak Anisah's h0use (kinda a mansi0n actually) .. admired t0 her p0rsche car.. truly, it's one of my dream car,,
yet,,ad0red t0 her bmw n mercedes cars..
m0del aper ntah!! lawaa sgt2!

huu,, SMU is c0ming! 23 days, 23 h0urs left.
t0 be h0nest, i didn't t0uch any b0oks f0r 2 weeks..
ber'juruss' punya budak
! nges2.. i shudder t0 think bout it..

pics? i haven't resize 'em yet.. wait n wait!!

kul 11.30,, nk g pengkalan kubor pl0p..nges2

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