Thursday, October 4, 2012

Getting Started

credit to HZ

When I first attended the orientation programme, I was in shock. The "Use Condoms" campaign, Party every nights along the freshers' week, and yes, free condom(s) in our goodie bag.

Don't worry, it is not a big issue after all.

What else?

Woke up at 2 or 3 am for the first few days due to jetlag.

Drooling seeing them eating palatable and mouth-watering food, knowing that we cannot eat them.

Loads of anatomy class (almost every day) and they made me -.-". Still, it's an enjoying subject compared to others.

Sleep in ***** classes.

The cold weather. Hiding under my pink with flowers-printed duvet is a blast. Teehee. Get used to the weather already, Alhamdulillah.

Lovely Irish housemates.

Walking to everywhere I go. 

Strolled around the town alone. 

Eat a lot. and cook a lot too :))

Can't think of anything else. 

Sesungguhnya orang-orang yang berkata, "Tuhan kami adalah Allah" kemudian mereka meneguhkan pendirian mereka, maka malaikat-malaikat akan turun kepada mereka (dengan berkata), "Janganlah kamu merasa takut dan janganlah kamu bersedih hati, dan bergembiralah kamu dengan (memperolehi) syurga yang telah dijanjikan kepadamu.  
(Fussilat: 40)

Urmm, not all of us willing to remain in the right course (meneguhkan pendirian mereka). It is not easy though. May He ease.

With loads of love,

University Life

Settling down, InshaAllah.


Remember this book? I once put it as one of my wishlists on a blog post. Guess what, I own this book now. Thanks to a good friend of mine, who is generously willing to give this book for me as a present and had to sacrifice a few bucks for the air shipping.

Dear you-know-who-you-are, thanks a bunch. I really really  appreciate it. I pray that Allah will shower you endless happiness and blessings. May Allah grant us all the highest Jannah and reward us in dunya wal akhira.

No words are enough..

With love, hugs and doas,

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