Saturday, February 21, 2009


this s0-called ehem3 means sth sth. ok (?)

My word! SPM 's coming closer.
do i realise it?
yeah, i do
then i forget about it
i realise it again

(now= the realisation about it is dawning. hEe)
HOw difficult it's going to be? i'll try because
I want 12A1 for m
y spm

i take 12 subjects for my
+tasawwur Islam
i'll strive with my best
to fulfil my and THEIR dream esp. mama n arwah ayah
InsyaALLAH i'll achieve
12A1, ameen

SPM'll start from 18th Nov till 16th December (subject to change)
i'll sit for PQS paper on my birthday *hehe*

Good luck to all
SPM 09 candidates
do pray for me to0



p/s: ehem3, ngantuk lar~

Saturday, February 7, 2009

'nothing to write home about' post

long time n0 see.
miss me? ehEm2

phew, phew!

i'm so pr0ud today
as i managed to finish 5 essays in just two days!
even i knew, i might get C (m0re w0rse, perhaps) for th0se essays..
whateva.. the m0st imp0rtant thing's i've finished it
however, i've tried my best. [yer laa 2]

but i haven't finished my addmath exercise. L0ser me!
i've tried t0 do it, but the rest of 'em 're kinda $%^&*
i'm stuck. ok?

Now, my time management's S**K
i d0n't have enough time 4 my own revision.
Everything's for homework
but, th0se messy things still do not prevent me from going on9
there's an evil song, perhaps which always asks me t0 go on9.. haha (excuse, again?)


We got another essays t0day.*sigh*
n t0morr0w our teacher'll give us another package (3 Bahasa Malaysia essays)
s0, this week, i have 6 essays t0 be finished (+ arabic essay/ insya')

ok, enough
the m0re i write, the m0re ... (?)
nothing more then
more trouble than its
worth, perhaps
n0 m0re then~

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