Sunday, March 30, 2014


A good sharing indeed by Ustaz Hasrizal. Go and read people!!

Maka, bersifat ala kadar dalam menerima keputusan peperiksaan justeru ala kadar juga dalam membuat persiapan pengajian… bukanlah kualiti yang layak bagi seorang Muslim. Apatah lagi Muslim yang mahu memperjuangkan Islam. 

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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Are We Ever Really Ready?


At one point, I was so sick looking at the needle. I was tired to get blood taken. Besides, I'm always having trouble to get phlebotomy (get blood taken) as my vein is so tiny.

and you know what, the doctors and nurses told me,

You'll master it once you become a doctor soon.


That was before.

For now, alhamdulillah.

In a different context, my friends and I were talking about death last night, and it makes me remember those time. My senior told me one of her friends passed away last week. They're now collecting some donations among the deceased's relatives and friends. and it's to perform hajj on the deceased behalf. This turns me into silent for while. Are we ever really ready to die?

Last time, these are amongst thousands thought that was lingering in my mind

- Will I able to pass second year this academic year despite of absence from classes? Will I able to finish Meds school and become a competent doctor? Am I fit enough?

- I wanna see my family.

- What I've contribute to others? Nothing?

It was never easy, you know. Dunya, and it always about it. Sigh.

and last questions,

If we die, how we gonna die? what do we leave(contribution, etc) and what would people remember us at? Positivism, good deeds or vice verse.


Friday, March 14, 2014

Stand up

Sometimes someone need to stand up and say something.

"It is very easy to criticise but we are facing a situation that has never been experienced by any country in the world.
"If you say Malaysia failed (in handling the missing flight), that means the United States, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore and all those other countries (helping in the search and rescue) also fail, why don't you blame them also," he asked.
- Tun Mahathir Mohamad-

I would say, it's maturing process. 

p/s:  impressed with the confident, thats all.

Thursday, March 13, 2014


So the news about MH370 missing plane is everywhere now, not only on the local medias but internationally. Even when I was waiting to see consultant in OPD today, the news about it was aired on the TV. Some old folks  here stopped by and asked my friends " are you came from the country with the missing airplane?" See?

With this poignant tragedy, there are loads of speculations has arisen. Some are ridiculously a lie, some seems pretty convincing but no one knows the real story. Not to be forgotten, some events especially raja-bomoh-thingy also got a huge attention. There're actually a few other things that I rather not mention it here. I would say, it is way too much. To quote a tweet from a public figure, 'World is looking at Malaysia now, don't embarrass us with such acts'

Worst, some countries mentioned 'things' about Malaysia. Not professional, weak, other countries intervention and leadership thingy. No, I'm not pointing fingers but I am just hoping that every one of us stop condemning and blaming others. Maybe some responsible people are wronged, but please don't condemn your own country while keep boasting how good the other countries are. As Malay's adage says, ibarat membuka pekung di dada. (patriotic- soul spotted, ehem)

“The Chinese government is under quite a lot of pressure,” said Xu Liping, senior fellow at the National Institute of International Strategy at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences in Beijing. Ordinary people in China feel the investigation “has not been professional.”


Keep praying for them. and what I mean by praying is 'praying'

Photo: Mari kita doakan dengan sebenar benar doa

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