Saturday, December 26, 2009

Sequel of shopping (Part 3)

This happened on 21 DEC at Parkson, KBTC

oh my God, is this for real?
i like this, really..
Let see the price: it's RM 300.
Ok, i'll buy it.
No, you can't buy a bag for RM 300.
you 'd promise urself that you don't want to overspent.
But, it's beautiful. Really. I can't deny it.
It's not worth it.
You can buy that kind of bag at pasar malam for RM50 or less.
6 pasar malam bags 're worth about RM300. (maybe more bags)
But, Thailand-made and branded products never the same , dear!
No one will notice if you wear the pasar malam bag.
But, I don't wear pasar malam bag.
no, I do.

It's RM300.
Ok, i promise I will use this bag throughout the year.
Maybe i can use for 2 year. or even more.
I won't buy any bag anymore.
Arr, are you sure? Err.. IDK

Thats it.

RM300 is nothing for others and it's cheap for a bag. But the thing is I do not want to overspent. i really want to save money..

p/s: 2 post in 1 day. maju2.

Sequel of Shopping (Part 2)

Rule No 1: Do not Overspent! No, i do not overspent. Things got worse when we did spent money and at the same time there's no income, which means there's no money in. I want to buy a watch. I want new clothes. I want new bag, new purse, and shoes that suit with my every clothes. Human's lust never ends.

Last time, i went to a mall. Before going there, I'd made my mind that the only thing that i want to buy is BAG (backpack or sth like that) We walked around the mall, went to many shops. But,
I can't find anything there. There's nothing there. Huh! "I am not going home without a thing." I strolled around and then stepped into a shop. And I bought a pair of shoes which i think (after buying that) i don't really need. That was my problem. I just can't help myself from not buying sth. Yup, I have no money but i still want to buy. haha.

Then, i went shopping and I'd made my mind again. I just want to buy a bag and a pair of sneakers. But things went worse when I overspent again.


I dreamed that one day i would have my own mansion. I want to have a special room for me. that's not a bedr0om surely. but it's r0om with
everything; clothes, shoes, bags and accessories and something that we called girls' stuffs. Ala- ala Mariah Carrey. I'll call it Accessories room then. There, i want to put all my collections. I want to go shopping every part of the world. haha. Who am I to dream such thing. Huh, I'm not the princess; not the daughter of affluent parent or sth like that. Well, that was just a dream. Nothing more.

Haha. Once i posted this and people read it, i am completely sure that people will think that i'm such materialistic, stupid or sth. Say what you want to say. Surely, no one will take me as his GF/wife. hahaha. whateva.

Hee. Actually, that's not my dream but it's Becky's dream. I just want to have simple life; such a perfect bliss; mencapai mardhatillah~

p/s: post ini agak, tidak. post ini betul2 mengarut.

Thursday, December 24, 2009


aku: mama, ikah boleh g kan ari ni?
mama: gi mano?
aku: laa, gi pcb la.
mama: demey kan tu, xyoh g la.
aku: xdemey doh ma. deme ciiikit jahs (kelentong)
mama: demey2 duk rumah la. rilek kt umah. g sana koho demey xpasa plop.

Hari ini genaplah 2 hari aku disahkan demam. 2 hari juga la aku berdiet. Jangan fikir aku obses nk kurus tp makanan yang aku makan semuanya pahit. Semuanya x sedap. Pahit, nak sedap macam mana. Tp kan, kalau aku terus berdiet gini ade chance x body cam Jessica Alba? haha. ntah pape.

Rancangan aku dgn geng IT nak gi bercuti semuanya hancur. Sedih la jugak. Sorry ek ten, een, zakiah, zaza, byqie, adnin. Dah la last dah ni. Tapi, nak buat macam mana.

Mmm, tp sakit2 ni buatkan aku terfikir banyak perkara. Aku muhasabah balik semua2. Sejak abes SPM, banyak perkara yang aku x istiqamah. Huh. Apepun, sesungguhnya sakit itu penghapus dosa.

Tidaklah seorang muslim tertimpa suatu penyakit dan sejenisnya, melainkan Allah akan mengugurkan bersamanya dosa-dosanya seperti pohon yang mengugurkan daun-daunnya”.

(HR. Bukhari no. 5660 dan Muslim no. 2571).

Rebutlah 5 pkr sblm datangnya 5 pkr. salah satunya; masa sihat sebelum sakit.

p/s: tahniah buat adik2 MMP yang berjaya dalam PMR. Alhamdulillah pencapaian MMP menaik tahun ini. hee. bahagia sangat. Tahniah juga buat sepupuku, Yana. Harap2, SPM pun menaik jugak. amin.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Part 1: I hate shopping!

*Hesitated* I woke up at 6.10 am and asked myself "should i continue my sleep?" haha
later, I had my breakfast. The clock struck 7.00 am. It's still early and and i asked myself again, "should i continue my sleep?" hee. The truth is, I'm not the night person and i can't sleep t0o much or my head will get dizzy throughout the day.

Then, i switched on my lappy and started watching confessions of a shopaholic. Well, I knew that I'm pretty ketinggalan zaman as the film was published in Feb. (if i wasn't mistaken)
I started at 7. 15 am and i think i would stop by 8 and get prepared myself to Karisma. (there's a talk on scholarship and whatsoever relating to it) and I would continue it when i get back.

I can't help myself from laughing throughout the film. The film was completely hilarious. Things wasn't going as what I've planned as i found that it's already 8.45 am. I asked myself again, should i go there? I would be very late.

My review on COAS:

1. i lyke it. i lyke it. i lyke it. haha. I just feel that i understand what's in Becky's mind. Well, shopping is sth essential in our humans' lives. N0t only humans, but the vampires did shopping t0o. ( An unpredictable effect after reading and watching twilight), hee.

2. I adore the Becky's clothes throughout the film. It was OMG amazing. Not to mention, the shoes, bags and others accessories. I would love if I can wear that kind of clothes; Prada, Kate Spade, Anna Sui, Denny and George. How much they cost eh?

3. Message of the film: i don't believe that there's a particular message from this film but i personally came out thinking that maybe I don't need all of the things that I buy. Uhhu. The problem that Becky encounters (in this film) makes me thinking of disadvantage of shopping. Shopping is necessary but excessive shopping will ruin your life. Credit card is a magic card! but once you're overdraft, you would say it s*ck. Say no to this phrase:
"People who wants to make millions, borrow millions first"
- Rebecca Bloomwood, Shopaholic Takes Manhattan.-
Well, that really makes me hate shopping. I do hate shopping! haha

4. Would i recommend the film? Yes, i definitely recommend COAS especially for the girls. Mmm, I personally think that this film is targeted to the girls out there.
And for the boys, i knew you hate this. Hee. I somehow, really enjoyed this chick flick.

5. Lastly, I don't really think that men hate shopping. They adore shopping more than female, perhaps.
Most men enjoy shopping. What they do not like is having to wait while their wife or GF takes forever to decide what they are going to buy. Men can shop fast. They know what they want, find it and just buy it. Which i think is really contrary with women. Women need to go through a lot of items to decide what is the best looking. So girls, don't ask ur hubby/oppa/ BF to go shopping with you or else, they might kill you. hee


-I just don't know why I came out of ideas to write about "Shopping" here. I would say that I really want to go shopping! Err, No, I hate shopping. haha.

-Twilight and new m0on are awesome. I just loved them. I've already read the twilight but not the 'new moon'. S0on, perhaps.

-Luke Brandon once said: "She's not my girlfriend. She's not you". xD

Thursday, December 17, 2009

5 SCIENCE 1 Farewell Party

The most tiring but memorable day~

First of all, Yeay for us for finishing our SPM

It's the best party ever. there's a bit chaos at first but then, things going ok n more enjoyable.
Pictures do tell everything~

Waa, rindu le nk ngenak bibah, ngantuk dgn adnin, gedix dgn ain, bossy dgn fiq. manja2 dgn hani, bebel dgn nab, senyum2 dgn ten, bertenang2 nge yine. Studying together, competing each other n JiHAD-ing together. What a wonderful memory to be remembered! I just still can't believe that we had finished our school days; means, we're getting older n older n OLDER! huh.
To the teachers especially cikgu azlina; sayang cikgu2 eh. berlari lari nih cikgu~
Hopefully, I'm still me. however I'm trying to be a better person. There're thounsands To- Do List for this new year. huh. tengok la yang mana betul- betul dapat buat.
UPU pun belum diisi. xtaw GPA & CGPA (ko-ku).
kehilangan idea & kata -kata untuk berblog. sudah lama ditinggalin.
Good Bye semua (",)
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