Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Semai Bakti Nusantara (SEBAK), Naggroe Acheh

As promised before,

Guidance & Counselling Club(GNCC) presents SEBAK'11 :)
Pictures tell everything, right?

6 June 2011 | 1st Day:

Visited Banda Acheh

before departure


had our lunch here. seriously it's delicious~

the famous sosro teh botol

the menu.
ayam lepaaas, ayam lemaas, just to name a few..

I thought it's a mall at first. xD

replica of the museum

baiturrahim mosque- saved from tsunami

Baiturrahman mosque-
It was indeed a great feeling to be here

7 - 9 June 2011

7 June 2011 | 2nd day:
Pesantren/ Rumah Anak Yatim Ar-Raudah, Lokseumawe

Gotong royong at a nearby mosque
Opening ceremony
English programme to the orphans

Pesantren Anak Yatim Ar-raudah

Masjid Taqwa Cot Baloi, Lokseumawe

the cleaning team

english module- cartoon strips

english module

8 June 2011 | 3rd day:

Strolled around Kota Lokseumawe
Games at beach
Motivational talk

rode labi-labi for the first time.

having fun :)

with the orphan girls

9 June 2011 | 4th day:

Bond of Ukhuwwah (BOU)
Cultural Night, Closing ceremony

playing with mud in paddy field

I fell from this hut ><

10 June 2011 | 5th Day : Medan

Visited Universiti Sumatera Utara (USU)
Departed to KLIA

faculty of medicine

with one of the Malaysian students there

it's awesome :)

strolled around the USU

Alhamdulillah, another wonderful experiences I gained on this holidays. Thanks to the people involved.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sunny Sunday

Right now, I'm in college with three of my friends. We stayed in college guest house. For food, we cooked by ourselves :) We actually just came back from Acheh yesterday for another humanitarian project. Pictures will be uploaded soon.

I guess that's all for now. Buckets of assignment are in dire to be finished :(

Pulau Berhala, Sandakan, Sabah

As I promised before, I wanna share my experience back in Sabah; Smiling Soul Mega Project to Pulau Berhala, Sandakan.

So, now, I'm presenting SMILING SOUL :)

lets us carve smile on your faces :)

20th May 2010

We had our last paper for semester 2 exam, which is English B HL Paper 2. Everyone seemed so elated as the exam was already ended which also meant, the holidays had already started. Yeay!!! For us, smiling soul members, too can’t help from feeling the excitement though we have an important mission to do.

All of us then gathered for the last briefing from our advisors, Pn. Mazlina and En. Fadzlan Nor. After hostel’s clearance, we went to surau to pack things to be brought along there.

At night, we had a meeting among members. Then, I went to F Block and came back to my room by 2.30 am. Time flies very fast that I didn't realize it was already 4.30 am. It's the time to sleep.

21th May 2011

I woke up at 6.30 am and instantly packed all my things- 1 bag to be brought to Pulau Berhala and 1 bag to Kelantan (my hometown). I’ll come back to KMB to pick up the ‘bag to Kelantan’ after returning from Sabah.

12.15 pm- We departed from KMB with college’s bus. It was pretty hot inside that we're bathing in perspiration. (as if the air conditioner wasn't functioning) We arrived KLIA 20 minutes later and promptly headed to check-ins counter. The check-ins process took quite sometime as there’re loads of baggage and boxes; boxes of food, donations, module, just name for a few. To our surprise, one of the luggage (belong to a SOS member) was missing. =.= After that, everyone went to musolla (prayer room) to perform solah and then to food garden to have lunch. I just bought 1 class of juice which costs RM 6.00. =.=

3.15 pm- We run as fast as possible as we’re kind of late. No, I take that back. We’re really late. The flight departure was scheduled by 3.20 pm. More worse, the boarding gate is B10 which is quite far (read: the farthest) from the departure gate. Can you imagine 37 of us were running all the way till we entered our flight? and you know what, we delayed the flight! It was such an experience.The journey took 2 hours and 45 minutes. Had a soundly sleep; Sleep debt paid, teehee xD

Arrival at Sandakan Airport- It's already 7 pm when we had gathered all of our boxes and luggage. We are greeted by some of UMNO Sandakan officers. Then, we took a bas to a budget hotel in Sandakan.

group picture at Sandakan Airport
*credit to azizul*

Once get there, we had to walk apprx. 500 m while carring all the luggage and boxes since bus cannot enter the route to the hotel.

After having dinner, some of us strolled around Sandakan for a night walk and most of us stopped by at Guardian, just to buy sun block. (I didnt buy it anyway)

Sweet dream. zzzzZZ. Can't wait for tomorrow!!

22th may 2011

Most of houses there are pretty much like this.

Early in the morning, all of us walked to the jetty, while our baggage and boxes were loaded into a lorry. Then, we departed into Pulau Berhala by a boat. Yeay~

Once arrived there, we prepared for the opening ceremony. By 11 am, the ceremony started and the usual process took place; speeches, presentation, etc. The ceremony was launched by YB Raymond Tan Shu Kiah.

Children were dancing in front of VIP


Everyone then went to a ‘new’ home with a ‘new’ family.

my foster mom :)
*credit to azizul*

We’re so lucky as there’s wedding ceremony on the day we arrived there. Witnessing their wedding culture especially their dancing mesmerizes me to no extend. I don’t know the name of the dance but it’s really fascinating. Every girl (usually would be called by the DJ) have to dance in front of people in the ceremony. The most unique part is their fingers. Then, people will come to the front and put some money in between their fingers.

girls were dancing. there's money in between their fingers.

the bride also danced.

Some of the girls there asked me to join them but I refused. I don’t even know to dance even the basic steps. Teehee. The ceremony was all-day long. The bride also has to dance and she usually receives more money than the girls.

We’re served with several dishes as other wedding feast, but the way they serve rice was unique. It’s in the plastic bags.

Time to eat~

Then, all of us left the ceremony and we gathered at 3M School.

At the evening, we had a gotong royong along the beaches. They are LOADS of rubbish, mainly mineral bottles and plastic bags. It realized me how bad the effect of rubbish dumping even a small wrapper of sweet.

I returned home when it’s almost dusk . In my mind, the question “How I’m gonna take shower?” kept wandering around. I was quite lucky that there’s a toilet in my house because there’re a few of my friends who had no toilet in their house. More worse, their house do not have any compartments at all. When you enter their house, you’ll see their living room, kitchen, and bedroom straight away. Can’t u imagine it, can you?

Finally, I took bath. I feel bad to use much water when bathing. I don’t want to burden my mother as she had to take the water from well. I never think of it before in my own bathroom and even college's bathroom.

Then, I helped my mom to cook dinner. Looking at their kitchen appearance saddens me a lot. There’re only basic utensils, a bottle of soy sauce, salt and sugar. I cooked sayur sawi goreng (fried mustard). That’s all for dinner for the whole family, there’re no other side-dish except 1 eggs that was added in the vege. I don’t even dare to eat even my stomach was grumbling at that time, not because I can’t eat but I felt bad to eat their food.

After that, I went again to the wedding ceremony. There were more dancing at night. It was kinda havoc with people. The bridegroom looked very stunning in wedding gown and suit. I was there just for a moment before I headed to surau, which also acted as our pusat operasi(operation centre) We had our very first postmortem there.

I returned home at eleven something. Thanks God, that my friend, Danea came to pick me up. She really treated me well here. We went again to the wedding ceremony since it was in front of my house. Bridegroom already left but the teenagers were still there; dancing. I felt as if I’m in disco. It was pretty scary to see them acting in that kind of way. (Maybe because I've never been to any pub before)

I then decided to go home. The question that raced in my mind on the way home was “How I’m gonna sleep tonight?” 

My foster mum let me sleep in her room- the only room in the house. I felt bad about it; burdened her. Still, the room doesn't have a door. Luckily, Danea was willing to accompany me to sleep at that night. I felt relieved.

By 12, the house was enveloped in bleak darkness since the only lamp in the house will automically switched off. (The electricity there is from generator)

23rd May 2011

children were playing 'lompat tali / getah"

After taking bath, I rushed to go 3M School. We had “Hari Kesihatan” and “Modul Pendidikan” on the day. I helped in module by being a facilitator. It was kinda havoc since kids came and wanna join all the activities. They were actually divided into 2; morning session and evening session. But all of them came for morning session. Parents also insisted us to include their children in every module. We learnt more about their culture from this module. After all, it was fun to teach and play around with kids. Most of them are still struggling to read and even count.

Lunch time- everybody went home for lunch.

After Asr, (Asr is very early there, around 3.30pm), we had climbing activity. It was pretty tiring. I didn’t even warming up. Actually, at that time, I was in surau, preparing cekodok for tea. When I saw most of my friends were running, so I, without any hesitation, joined them running and yeah, I managed to climb it.

the joyous faces

my friends there

We finished at almost maghrib time (dusk) . So I went home to take bath. My foster mom and I then went to surau as we had religious sermons and iqra’ at that time. I taught a few girls to read the holy Quran. Some of them can read well and some of them cannot. They said that they always wish to have tafsir (Quran with translation) like us.

with the children

24th MAY 2011
I woke early in the morning and took shower. I’ll come back to peninsular M’sia today, which also means I’ll be leaving them. It was too fast. I have to come back while my others friends still have a day and half with them more. Danea did come to my house to bid goodbye. My mom and Danea then gave me presents. I can't help from feeling touched. (^^)

They then sent me to the jetty. At that time, most of my friends were busy preparing for the sports day. Futhermore, the VIPs would come on that day.It was a heart- wrenching moment to leave the island =.=

last picture with our family

on the boat

Once arrived, a taxi is already waiting for us. We’re not planning to go straight to airport but to the Sandakan market first. So, we asked the taxi to come back 1 hour later. We then walked to the market. It's quite far and tiring.

I just grabbed anything that I saw in the market and bought it, before headed to the airport. My flight was at 11 something. So, bye- bye Sandakan. See you next time xD.

on the way to market

That's all about it. They are actually a few more activities that I missed as I've to come back early :( The rest of my friends had visited Bokara Village and have more time for shopping :P. Still, I learnt so much things here and enjoyed so much fun. This thrilling adventure was nothing but a great teacher for me.

God willing we'll come back
Thanks people. I'll be missing you!

Till then, Hugs..
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