Tuesday, March 17, 2009


hye, i'm blogging again.
after a period of time, i supp0se.

erm, 1st of all,
i dont want to talk about th0se crappy things
i slept early last night
i didn't finish my homework
i didn't read books
i can't answer exam well

even i can't answer well for bio paper in March test
>ah, let bygone be bygone

boring. boring

ok, lets back to the main point
last week, my friends & i talked bout future
it's foreseeable future, perhaps
erm, i'm thinking of engineering
(after frustrated with bio)


on the way home, i looked up at the sky,
the perfect blue serene sky
clouds, birds
so peaceful~

i'm thinking again
i'm thinking of aeronautical engineering
ah, again~


p/s: kakak, nk g pata. bring me there
p/s: per main point post ni ek?
p/s: berhenti merungut whai Atikah syg~
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