Friday, January 9, 2015

Beneficial to others?


1. My first block for this year is GP block. General practitioners block. :)

2. I plan to spend this summer in Ireland. Talked to kakak about this, but she asked to come home so I can mengasuh my nephew Adam. Rindu dia sangat. You can't win everything. Sigh.

3. Fall in love with medicine when starting the clinical years. Everything seems to make sense now. The problem is I am too lazy. So, as for conclusion, it is not love if you don't prove you love it.

4. Dreamt arwah ayah last two day and it felt like I dont want to wake up that day because I wanted to see and be with him.

5. "Jangan jadi lelaki, tp jadilah diri sendiri, perempuan. " quoted from ustaz at the winter gathering last month. Being a perempuan, does not mean we need to be extra ayu, extra sopan or santun, but... when we are too independent, things happen you know. the thoughts that we can handle everything by our own. (Hope i am not delivering wrong message)

6. Possibility of my lil sister getting married before me is high. She's too young for a marriage , i'd say. But if it's her jodoh, then I couldnt say anything. I pray that everything will just go smoothly. May Allah guide her and our family ;(


My blog posts are becoming 'nothing' and I hope this is not a public diary. I initially love to share my experiences and humble thoughts but I find it difficult to articulate them into words recently. I guess this blog will be on hiatus till I find a touch to write again. And, naaah, I won't delete this blog. It's something precious because there were lots of memories  behind each post.

Yours truly,
Atikah Hassan.

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