Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Nameless Feeling

I always find it difficult to make decision, knowing that I have to choose between dreams and self capability. All these while, I prefer dreams in the hope I’ll be a better Atikah.

And today, I doubt about it.


contains small pieces of papers about me.
(written by my classmate during the last class of Malay A1)

Picture- I cherished the hope that one day (probably  5 years later) I will open this box (should it be a bottle?)  while smiling and reminiscing  my good & bad time in KMB.

Yesterday was the last formal class we had in KMB, which indicates how close the IB Exam is.

I’m starting new.

Life is not about constantly worrying about something, it's about living. I seriously don't want to live with a constant fear over things that I shouldn't be fear of in the first place.

I’ve been meaning to update this blog but in certain things, I prefer to keep it as a recondite matters. My post this time is somehow ‘retarded’ because each paragraph doesn’t really relate to the one after it. Chronologically and historically unrelated at all. I just type what pops on my mind. A plethora of thoughts have been knocking, scratch that, bashing my mind to one point where I can't think properly.

There’s still one more precious month in KMB. 

P/S: The will be the last. Not until June.
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