Wednesday, May 26, 2010


OK, Im gonna post about toilet. Toilet? xD Lets scroll down & see some pictures that I've googled..

toilet ke ape nih?

jangan salah tengok lak, ni makanan yer. tp dihidangkan dengan cara tu. Jom makan :P

p/s: Korang2 yang rasa imaginative or mendapat inspirasi dari gambar2 di atas, bolehlah reka satu yer. Wuuu~

Looking back

Reminiscing my school days..


MAAHAD MUHAMMADI PEREMPUAN; I'd never thought to be a student here. But, it'd been my school for 5 years and damn, love it so much. Minggu Tautan Hati, (orientation) was fun. I'm still remember myself at that time; dengan muka yang agak ke-blur-an and how excited I am as a junior.1P1- my 1st class that carved lots of bittersweet memories, I would say everything is 1st time here. 1st time learning how to memorize loads of arabic n islamic subjects. 1st time attending usrah :) That is it, my innocent year as a junior. Ngee

A new year and a new environment, I was placed in 2P1. Terpisah kelas dengan kawan baik F1. Tapi diketemukan dengan kawan2 baru yang merupakan BFF sehingga ke hari ini :) Getting involved with Dunia IT after having my own lappy. Zaman tu zaman friendster. So, hari hari fs. Phew! Fb still isn't popular at that time. Penilaian Menengah Rendah Ugama (PMRU)- in joie die vivre when the whole class scored 10A. Yeay for 2P1! Got a camera from beloved daddy for 10A :)


3P1, thats my class. There're loads of activies this year; badan dakwah, ubkk , BT and getting involved with camps/programme. I'm still obsessed with internet. Ym & friendster were daily routine. Haha. I've written a diary when I was in F3. Notice the bold part xD Betapa ke-budak2- an menulis sebuah diari yang !@#$%^&*. XD The best part is Math Sc Quiz. Ngee :) Alhamdulillah, PMR tidak menghampakan.

Naibah yang baex :) yang kadang kala ponteng kelas disebabkan aktiviti2 di sekolah dan tidak kurangnya dengan malas. Loser me! Masih termegah2 dengan PMR. Leka dengan dunia sendiri. More worse, friendship conflict and exams. 24 subjects to study. Addmath yang =.= Berulang alik ke hospital menjadi rutin. The unforgettable day, hari terakhir SIJIL MENENGAH UGAMA (SMU); gembira berakhirnya peperiksaan diganti dengan kesedihan menjadi seorang yatim.


Hidup baru, mula melangkah dengan semangat baru. Family, teachers and friends' support make me even stronger. The best year in my school days. 5 Science 1 yang terbaik. wah, rindu cikgu, rindu kawan. Raidah yang baex juga :P, who sometimes got angry. assisted by a taciturn yet innocent naibah.. Bullied *evil laugh* Rindu berkejaran dan berlari2 ke lab semata- mata untuk duduk di kerusi itu. Same thing happened when we're moving to another class. Muahaha. Makan same2 di kantin, tido same2 dalam kelas. Wah, 5SC1 09 terHEBAT.


Engaging myself with 3 month English Programme while waiting for the announcement of SPM result. I learned so much things and enjoyed so much fun. Ohanna, nobody will left behind: that's us. Time flew so fast, it ended a day before the result came out.

SPM result 's announced. Alhamdulillah for those;
1. Matriculation: Kedah Matriculation College (KMK)2. IPTA: Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia (USIM), Tamhidi Perubatan3. Scholarships:- #1. Biasiswa 1 M'sia (JAKIM) #2. Japanese Associate Degree(JAD) #3. PILN 2010 (MARA)
dan x kurangnya rejection yang diterima. Didn't make it even for interview;

Even, the course that I applied for those scholarship isn't my interest. All for engineering. (ok, nak sedapkan ati je, LOL)
WHAT's NEXT? Notice my capital

So scared to enter a new phase of life =.=

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Panggilan terakhir daripada JAKIM.
Ya Allah, semoga keputusan ini adalah yang terbaik untuk diriku.
Hatiku berdebar, kuatkan aku, Ya Allah..

Doakan aku kawan - kawan.


Sunday, May 23, 2010

What if..

I've been asking a few seniors bout Medic Egypt and IB diploma programme and not to mention, reading from so many websites and forums bout those thingy. but still @.@

If I were to go to Egypt, I have to wait till Sept (nearly Oct, perhaps) for confirmation to fly there- means to have offer letter from Egypt university (preferable Cairo or Alex), SSLN and other important documents. Before that, joining Arabic class(especially Bahasa Arab 'ammi) is profoundly advisable for me and of course, I have to seek it by myself. But, what if I dont get the offer letter? There's a slight possibility not getting it, even I've called KPT and they said there's no guarantee but there's high chance.

Still, I'm very worried =.=

"But, what if I don't get the offer letter?"

Saturday, May 22, 2010


Hye there. There're lots of stories to tell and the pressure is still ON! Haih. This week is the busiest week for me. The first 3 days, I was engaged with driving class. hoho. Last wednesday was the JPJ test and alhamdulillah, I managed to get P license. Yippie. Thanks a bunch abe har; my tutor and abe JPJ as well. Eheh. I'm quite elated. Btw, I met lots supportive friends there and thanks a lot, girls. Will b missing u all. Good luck for the upcoming JPJ test, which's on 27th- Kak Azi, Nora.

Moving on to the scholarship thingy.. On Wednesday, a JAKIM officer did call me; asked me to sent offer letter from university in Egypt. I was like ><. And after telling him my situation, he advise me to apply straight to Kementerian Pengajian Tinggi (KPT),
instead of applying with any agents as it's safer. I've called soo many agencies n asked them bout this stuff namely YIK, ITNM, KPT, and KLN. Mountains of problems came. but still, i didn't give up. However, I need to enroll university first to be on the safe side.

Thursday's another bustle day. I went to hospital for med check ups, pejabat hasil for duty stamping, banks and wisma; passport and bla bla. Gosh. Everything is last min preparation. The worse part is another problem came, and that thingy force me to stop thinking bout Egypt. Well, I don't have enough time to handle it as I'll be in university soon. I've been in sombre for the whole night. =.=

Yesterday (Friday), I packed all the stuffs to be brought to university. I've emptied of wardrobe and got all the important things. At 4pm, I checked MARA PILN result and luckily I was in. I'm speechless; don't know whether I'm happy or not. But this means I don't need to enroll IPTA. Yeay for that but then..

mama said that she's really happy if i go 2 Egypt. CONFUSE~

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


The PRESSURE is ON! All I could say, ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGH! Dush, dush. Give me something so that I can bang, kick, jab and do whatever I want. *evil laugh*

The admission for university will be next week, which's on Sunday. and heck no, I HAVEN'T prepare ANYTHING AT ALL. Dush, I want to kick something.

The stress is coming and 90% of mine keeps saying "X payah la ke IPTA". But the procedure to accept another offer's really killing me. Dush, I want to smack something.

Sob. Sob. I wanna cry =.=
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