Monday, December 26, 2011

New Year Countdown

This morning I came across to the newly-created college student council's blog and can't help from kind of, startled me when reading the line "Vacation Is Over and A New Struggle Begins." as if I just woke up from a hundred-years soundly sleep.

I repeat,

Vacation Is Over and A New Struggle Begins.

Still, there's something else that worries me the most.

I wish all of you a Happy New Year! Have a blast, people !

Last and not least, May Allah enliven and enlighten our hearts and grant us closeness to Him. May He make us people who love to worship Him, and through our worship we become close to Him and gain His love. May He make our hearts firm and steadfast on our deen, and grant us strength and bravery in our spiritual struggles. May He guide us to the best decisions and make easy for us the path of khayr [goodness]. Ameen ya Rabb.

Let us write down our new-year resolutions :)

Saturday, December 17, 2011

False Attachment

idk why it turns the other way around

17 December already! Believe it or not, there's 2 more weeks before I left for Banting. I'm not intending to lament on how I totally forgot about the Self Intervention Programme or describing any single days I've faced by procrastinating and whatnot. Still, there's 2 week time right? Don’t take it for granted but lets us make this real.

C.U.T.I= Cuti Untuk Tambah Ilmu & Iman.

Ameen :)

These few days, I've been reading MashaAllah, an amazing blog, post by post which then leads me to the other amazing blog. I aspire to be like both of them, to be a writer that can amazingly pours my creative spark, which remind people towards Him. Long way to go, though.

OK, back to the main point, "False Attachment". What are things that popped-up into your minds when reading the title? And do we ever realize that we are actually bounded ourselves in a false attachment? Ummmh, false attachment- what is it? It can be anything, but InshaAllah I only want to focus on an aspect only. It is ‘love of dunya’. Many of us (including me formerly) think that ‘love of dunya’ means being attached to material things. But hey, it isn’t necessarily applied.

As we grow up, we become attached to everything around us. People, places, events, photographs, memories—even outcomes became things or objects of the strong attachment. This is what I want to highlight here. Yeay, I know it is unavoidable but the problem is, we attached ourselves to them all too much without realizing it.

I quoted this phrase from a sister,

“If we live in dunya with our hearts, it breaks us. That’s why this dunya hurts.”
Yasmeen Mogahed

That is just so true. It is undeniable that sometimes life or dunya hurts us. There are times when things didn’t work out the way we wanted or imagined they should, we face rejections, broken relationship, losing the loved ones and lots of other circumstances that make us fall apart. The disappointment we faced at times not only an ordinary emotion but it is disastrous. Worse, once let down, it can never fully recover as if we could never forget, and the break would never be mended. Like a glass, once broken, the pieces would never quite fit again. It is really hurt, isn’t? why we feel that way? That’s all simply because we live in dunya with our hearts or in other words, due to the love of dunya.

We supposed to be happy when any difficulties or trouble hits us. All because He, The Almighty are watching over us at that time. Out of zillions creatures, he’s watching over us. In fact, He had already promised that He will give it a little sooner or something better for us. If he didn’t give it, it means those things are not good for us. See? But in the reality, most of us are still feeling sad when anything bad happened to us. Why? The answer is still the same. Hubbu dunya. (the love of dunya) OK, I know it is a completely wrong if I say human cannot be depressed over something bad. Even Rasulullah was sad over Khadijah’s death. When we face trouble, we would start to turn to Allah wholeheartedly and in that desperation and need, we ask, we beg, we pray. But when we are in our own 'comfort' zone, we barely remember Him. This so called “cycle” keep occurring to majority of us over time. Don’t we feel embarrassed toward Him? We just His slave but we acted like we are a king.

Reflect on myself, I too can’t help from this love of dunya. I keep worrying about things that might not meet my expectation and hope. Yes, expectation. We expect to have a good grades in exam. A soleh hubby/solehah wife. Peaceful life. And the lists go on and on. We struggle with every cells and fibres in the body to meet up the expectation. We gave our blood, sweat and tears to this endeavor. Here comes a problem. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that we can’t have any expectations in life. It’s natural for human to have it but herein lay a mistake. "The problem is in *where* we are placing those expectations and that hope. At the end of the day, our hopes and expectations were not being placed in God. Our hope and expectations were in people, relationships, and such.Ultimately, our hope was in this dunya rather than Allah." See? So, why still worrying, if you know you have tried hard enough and put your fully dependency on Him?

"We experience this emotional roller coaster because we can never find stability and lasting peace until our attachment and dependency is on what is stable and lasting, to Allah. How can we hope to find constancy if what we hold on to is inconstant and perishing?"

"And if you do this, you become unbreakable, because your handhold is unbreakable. You become unconquerable, because your supporter can never be conquered. And you will never become empty, because your source of fulfillment is unending and never diminishes." I know it’s pretty hard to do this, but to gain the best, we have to strive for the best too, right?. So, let’s mujahadah.


P/S: Sorry for the confusing sentence structures, probably because I’m quoting too much. I hope what I’ve been intending to say is understandable. I’ve been depressed over “something” these recent days,that I feel like giving up. I realized I should not feel that way if I put my fully dependency on Him =.=

( most quotation "........" are from SuhaibbWebb )
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