Friday, November 5, 2010


Currently, I am at my cousin's house (in KL). Yesterday, I got the result for Chemistry standardize test (Atomic Structure). Most of my classmate got 7 and 6. But me? >< It's really disappointing me. Still, what can I do? Struggle more? That's obviously the answer.

Final is getting nearer.

Monday, November 1, 2010


Hi fellas! It has been quite long time I did not write here. and I've kept my blog privately for a while, due to some personal reasons. And now, I'm writing again. Ah, I miss you my dear bloggie.

Just now, I've my mentor- mentee session. At first, one of my classmate gave us a tazkirah. Then, my mentor told us something that I realized the reasons of problems i faced here, in Kolej Mara Banting. I mean, anything regarding studies.

One of the big thing is; (notice the bold part)

Unresponsiveness in class.

In KMB, I become a passive student. It is quite contrary with the old me. as if I did not participate in the learning process at all. I just listen, nod and thats it. Sincerely, I'm shy to ask Qs as my english is just so-s0. To add the diffulty, some of the teachers did not allowed us to speak Malay in her classes. (I'm not talking about English B HL class) I even did not given any response during tok class. I know that most of the teachers were a a bit offended by my attitude. I feel so guilty. As we all know, parents and teachers' blessing are utmost important in students' life but I've hurt the teachers' feelings. ><

Thats maybe one of the reasons i did not score well in quiz and standardize tests. but still, I know that my effort is just not enough.

P/s: Teachers, Im soo sorry of all my wrongdoings. (I'll try my best)

p/s: why I'm always sleepy?

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