Tuesday, March 29, 2016


I think I have wrinkles. No, I should omit the word I think. I have wrinkles guys, at the age 22.

and I haven't get married. Oh NO!

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

A Master of Procrastinator

My friend asked me to watch this.

I got what you mean, dude.

Monday, March 21, 2016


When reading my seniors' (alumni UCC, currently working doctor) sharing on their working life and yet they still managed to attend usrah and programmes in between, I am like 😭*crying* can you imagine attending usrah on post call? I am inspired😊 O Allah, keep me steadfast in this deen

Friday, March 18, 2016

Bad habit

I can be a very last minute person at times. Closest example was this morning. I was due to have a meeting with my project supervisor. I need to show my complete powerpoint slide and discuss further on the project. I was so lazy and not feeling of doing it last night, thinking the slide is just easy to do. I slept very late watching youtube and realize it once I woke up today. Late for 20 minute but alhamdulillah the slide was ok ( with some grammar error LOL) 

Gosh, help!

I need help. 

What is your bad habit?

Sunday, March 13, 2016

New Air In The Weekend

Hi. I went to Belgium last weekend. It was like a abrupt and unplanned trip, but it was totally enjoyable one. 

I have been in lot of stress recently, I mean from the start of the year till now. With the 'intense' surgery rotation that started very early in the morning to the placement outside of Cork and a couple of programmes I had to attend in between. To be honest, I am broke but I thought two to three days trip will be good. Bought the flight ticket and accommodation and thats it. I don't plan anything else (I've been to Brussels before anyway)

I stayed at a local's apartment (booked from airBnb). Affordable and felt like home! Arnaud (the host) is very kind and he has a son named Theo, a three year old boy. Theo is super duper adorable, handsome and very chatty. (I love kids so bear with my exaggeration) I'm very impressed with the way Arnaud raises and educates his son. Sleep early, read before bed, cartoon on the weekend, etc. Another 'tarbiyah aulad' that I learnt. I miss him already T.T I hope to have a son like Theo one day. Oohh, I need to get married first :P

I went to Brugge as well (never been here on my first trip to Belgium). I was having good time walking around this nice city. 

All in all, I enjoyed this trip to the fullest, took my own time, no rush, ate lots of chocolates, pettisseire, and seafood. I also lepak-lepak while watching movie at the apartment with Arnaud (did a bit of study too) Alhamdulillah ala kulli hal. 

So now, I'm going back to Eire, going back to next rotation; research block. I have literature review and project presentation coming and not to mention, I need to start working on collecting data for the research. Keep going and all the best Atikah.

Yours truly,


I splurge for skincare. I love buying them be it from drugstore skincare to high end brands. Do you have that kind of addiction too? I have collection of various brands and my top buying list will be lip balm and moisturisers. Why? Because I have a very 'complicated' chapped lips and also dry sensitive skin.  I envied those who do not have any problem with those. It's really annoying, you know. 

I'm initially not really fancy of having those 6-steps-or-8-steps or-whatever-number you wanna-put skincare routine. Yes I am that lazy. But as I'm growing up, I noticed I have lots of visible scars, blemishes, enlarged pores T.T When I go out with friends, I'm the only girl (or should I out woman) with that kind of appearance.  Most of my friends take collagen drinks but I prefer to go natural. 

So I start using natural oils ie argan oil, olive oil yadda yadda and those organic and natural stuff. Cleansing oil, facial foam, toner, serum, moisturiser daily while scrub and mask at least once a week. To own beautiful skin, one have to really take care and pamper it consistently, which is totally my weakness. I'm not that consistent T.T

This explains those blemishes now. Hahaha. 
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