Thursday, January 1, 2009

Lets begin

1 Muharam 1430H
just passed and today is
1st day 0f Jan 2009.

So, wish you all happy Maal hijrah and happy new year.
Is it the same? huh, nevermind though.
Erm, the year for my spm just begin.

A few days ago, i did j0ined a camp. It was organised by NISAA'.
The camp had began from 29 till 30th Dec.
The camp involved 122 student .hee. ( stereotype sentences, right?)
I really g0t s0mething beneficial fr0m that camp.
And n0t to mention, i g0t new friends t0o.
Miss u adik lilis and adik nabilah.
Erm, i do not want to share about the camp here. ^^

Talking about new year, everyone must has their own intentions.
It is a must, perhaps. Erm, i own a few.
but i think, it is better for me to keep it as my own secret=p.
And i have my own reasons for that.

g0sh, i am gr0wing 0lder and becoming more matured.
2008- there are spectrums of bittersweet memories there
I would never forget th0se. Thanks to this blog, which helps me remembering my past time.hee.
Actually, my mind is out of space. LOL. So, good bye 1429H and 2008.

i am lacking of ideas.
ok then~

p/s: am i a weird0?
ps/s: Welc0me back to sch0ol, girls~
pss/s: d0 u see s0mething? i did not use any abbreviation for this post.

*feeling weird in these two days*
[[i'm helluva lazy]]


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