Saturday, October 9, 2010


Hye there. It has been quite a while after my last post. and today, I feel like writing sth..

This is IB Learner Profile. Our IB coordinator did ask us to remember this during the orientation. I ain't have any of these now (mayb a few) but InsyaAllah one day, I'll.


This week, I feel like there's sth missing in my life.

And I feel guilty as well. A few seniors especially my naqibah invited me and seriously encouraged me to attend an Islamic programme outside KMB. Idk what type of programme is it, but I know that I really need 'it'. It's not Maahad anymore, so called biah solehah, where most of the teachers are ustaz and ustazah and I've lots of good friends. But my heart insisted by saying "No" as I've so many things to do; class musical dramma practise, spr thingy, buckets of homeworks and upcoming standardize tests. But...

I ended up with nothing.

1. I neither did the homeworks nor went to that programme.

2. It's too hard for me to wake up early in these few days. I did sleep early but still, I just woke up when hear the azan.

3. I read a few romance novels recently and seriously speaking, those stuff totally melaghakan
( Still, I must admit that Nickolas Sparks is cool. I like his novels)

4. I feel like I don't want to do anything. (tido?makan?) I'm crazy, am I?

Ya Allah, guide me to the right path. I really hope that I make full use of tomorrow, despite of the practise.
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