Saturday, December 26, 2009

Sequel of Shopping (Part 2)

Rule No 1: Do not Overspent! No, i do not overspent. Things got worse when we did spent money and at the same time there's no income, which means there's no money in. I want to buy a watch. I want new clothes. I want new bag, new purse, and shoes that suit with my every clothes. Human's lust never ends.

Last time, i went to a mall. Before going there, I'd made my mind that the only thing that i want to buy is BAG (backpack or sth like that) We walked around the mall, went to many shops. But,
I can't find anything there. There's nothing there. Huh! "I am not going home without a thing." I strolled around and then stepped into a shop. And I bought a pair of shoes which i think (after buying that) i don't really need. That was my problem. I just can't help myself from not buying sth. Yup, I have no money but i still want to buy. haha.

Then, i went shopping and I'd made my mind again. I just want to buy a bag and a pair of sneakers. But things went worse when I overspent again.


I dreamed that one day i would have my own mansion. I want to have a special room for me. that's not a bedr0om surely. but it's r0om with
everything; clothes, shoes, bags and accessories and something that we called girls' stuffs. Ala- ala Mariah Carrey. I'll call it Accessories room then. There, i want to put all my collections. I want to go shopping every part of the world. haha. Who am I to dream such thing. Huh, I'm not the princess; not the daughter of affluent parent or sth like that. Well, that was just a dream. Nothing more.

Haha. Once i posted this and people read it, i am completely sure that people will think that i'm such materialistic, stupid or sth. Say what you want to say. Surely, no one will take me as his GF/wife. hahaha. whateva.

Hee. Actually, that's not my dream but it's Becky's dream. I just want to have simple life; such a perfect bliss; mencapai mardhatillah~

p/s: post ini agak, tidak. post ini betul2 mengarut.


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