Friday, December 31, 2010

Farewell 2010 Welcome 2011

Time really flies..

Now, we're in the end of 2010.I guess, it's the time for us to review and reflect our life in 2010. No words to be expressed on this.

|Karisma English Explorer '10|
-kex camp, innorace, cert. ceremony-

"But when we leave this year we won't be coming back
No more hanging out cause we're on a different track"

"So if we get the big jobs,
And we make the big money
When we look back now,
Will our jokes still be funny?"

Enough with that..

Since 2011 is only hours away, have you done listing your new year resolution? Not yet? So, it 's the right time for you to sit down, with a cup of coffee perhaps, a pen and a piece of paper. or you can simply do it digitally as an alternative. Now, reflect on what kinds of new year resolutions will you make for yourself this January 1st..

Here're some tips I've copied from ehow.

  • Be realistic by setting achievable goals. Winning the lottery, for example, is out of your grasp.

  • Describe your resolutions in specific terms. Instead of "I don't want to be lazy," opt for "I want to exercise regularly" or "I will cut down on my television watching."

  • Break down large goals into smaller ones. For instance, commit to losing weight by resolving to join a gym and improve your eating habits.

  • Find alternatives to a behavior that you want to change, and make this part of your resolution plan. So you want to quit smoking but you smoked to relax yourself? What other forms of relaxation are available to you?

  • Above all, aim for things that are truly important to you, not what you think you ought to do or what others expect of you.

  • Hopefully, it would be helpful :)

    I think this is the last post before I'm going back to college. See you soon.

    Monday, December 27, 2010

    Of Life And Thoughts

    The secret of life, though, is to fall seven times and to get up eight times.

    Back in primary school, I always dream to study in this one school but then, I failed to secure a place there. Instead I went to a school that I never expected to study in. But in no time, I love this school surprisingly and until now, I'm very grateful to have a chance to study there. When I sat for PMR, I was aiming for not merely straights As only but something better. Again, I failed to get what I really want. Another disappointment hit me but life must be go on. And yes, it did. And then, there SPM came. I was so determined to get something that I really want for ages, which’s not just getting strings of As. I really want to pursue my study at this one college but all I got was another downturn.

    "Hey, you're expecting too much!"

    Yes, I am. I do think that it's not an erroneous for expecting something better in life but of course, it must come along with efforts. Like others, I always want more and more, not enough with things and achievements I have right now, which undeniably normal for homosapien. I'm not saying that I'm not grateful of what I'm having right now, but I just can’t resist that feeling. It’s actually good for some reasons as it keep us struggling more but on the other side, being greedy is such a horrible attitude.

    All the disappointments sometimes make me think of giving up. I’m just so sick of keep failing and failing. It is surely an unbearable feeling when things didn't go as we planned, especially when we have tried hard enough. But as a Muslim especially, I always believe this,

    ALLAH Answers Prayers In Three Ways:
    He Says Yes And Gives You What You Want.
    He Says No And Gives You Better.
    He Says Wait And Gives You The Best In His Own Time.

    Still, there are times when it's hard not to feel despondent and crest fallen. At that time, it is utterly difficult for me to really accept this piece of words. Moreover, I personally the one who sometimes could get sad with no obvious reasons, easily hurt and very sensitive. I could be annoying to some people. Last week, I have answered a personality quiz and as I expected, the result is not extremely good. I didn’t get the full report of the result as I need to pay for it. However, the-not-extremely-good is just enough to tell me everything. It has always been an issue for me on why it is so hard to control my moods and emotions. I always want to be emotionally intelligent person, who is able to understand and deal with his/her emotions easily, and not to mention always be positive in life.

    As for me, when I failed to get something, the one I blamed is none except myself. Because I know I have not tried hard enough. It is as if I aimed for the stars but I didn’t pull my socks up. I often get discouraged and live in my very own comfort zone and just realize it on the very last minute. This is what we called the typical Malay. I always try to change as I don’t want to be labeled as that kind of typical Malay. Occasionally, it makes me wonder of what keeps me motivated. Is it respect, praise and admiration from other people or some soothing words from my love ones? ASK yourself dear Atikah.

    Envy is a waste of time. You already have all you need.

    Like anyone else, I do envy people. At times, this some sort of question pleads my mind for an answer “Why she/he has these and those, but I don't?” Every time this feeling crosses my thought, I immediately remind myself that each person is special on their own ways. But still, it's not easy for me to really accept this line. Because all I could see is my bad side. =.= But then, the only remedy is Him. Life is surely grey, dull and pointless without Him. At that point, I know I have no reasons to complain. I really should have focused on what I have, instead of stressing out on what I don’t have.

    kmb-ians-taken before the holidays

    In life, there’s good time and bad time. Life's not all gloom and despondency; all those things actually make our life even more meaningful. It is ok to feel good about ourselves sometimes. I think this is the right time for me to start flattering on myself -surely for good reasons. I should realize that I am actually luckier than some other people. (though some other people are luckier than me.) I still have family and friends who are always there for me and support me behind. In short, all I have to do is to have faith in myself and keep striving more.

    Have you ever heard that life is a choice? We choose which choices we wanna take. I choose to go through some sort of difficulties, in a doubt of choosing the wrong ones. I always worried that I’ve not made a wise decision but it’s my choice after all. Is it risk- taking, isn’t? Right now, I haven’t any choice except keep walking in this path, not knowing what confront me later. All I know is that there’s no way of turning back. But why I am still struggling in this life? Well, it's simply because I want my life to mean more. I want to be a better person; a better Muslim. I want to be able to wake up one day and not regretting any steps that I didn't take knowing that I could've made life differently. With all these, in a hope one day that every sugar tastes sweeter and every hardships seems bearable. I want to be somebody who could finishes what she had started even if all the fibres in her body hates it. Because experiences is the best teacher that helps to build one’s characters.

    Every night, before I went to bed, I'll imagine myself living in the 'life' I wanna be. You have no idea on how I really want this. It is indeed a great pleasure and somehow motivates me to do well in life, despite of gruelling days I had and have to face. However, my mind always occupies with worry of not getting what I want. I am so scared if I happen to face it. “Man Proposes, God Disposes.”

    To quote an article I just read,

    Dream more while you are awake.

    Lastly, I’ve attracted by a phrase from a blog that I read just now,

    Don't you think life is too short to not work hard?


    PS:My posts has always been emotional. TOLD ya, I'm an emotional person. ( Argh, I hate to admit it) Seems my life is quite transparent now, isn’t? I once had promised myself I didn’t want to blog crappy posts anymore but nah..... @.@

    Tuesday, December 21, 2010

    Becoming old

    Have you ever imagine yourself becoming old and having white or grey hairs, wrinkled skin, slightly bent body and other normal biological process, called aging? Actually, I've just finished reading "Meniti Senja" a translated novel, written by Sawako Ariyoshi (a Japanese). It's a great book indeed. This book somehow makes me ponder of becoming old. That's why today I feel like writing about this topic.

    I'm not intentionally focusing on physical appearance (some of you might thought that due to my first sentence) Most people hate or dislike the fact that she/he will be living their lives as an old man or as an old woman. Some people might claim that getting old is suck as it has been stereotyped of becoming ugly, slow and weak. While
    some others, who take the positive side may be enjoying the longevity. But, how far they can enjoy it? there's probably a condition, which is having a good health.

    old lady who stole kids football

    People don't want themselves to become old for which they do numerous initiatives; they dye their hair in order to hide the whites, they use a number of drugs to avoid aging, they even take a risk to do surgery but none of these measures are long lasting. Aging is definitely an irreversible process.

    Most senior citizens suffer Alzheimer. I've heard that some of them can't even remember their own children, and worst of all, there're also who did eat their own bowels. It can be said that they are actually back to their childhood times. Can you imagine yourself being in that kind of situation? Being an old lady/man and unable to wash your own butt, for example. They also tend to be very sensitive and fragile. They easily hurt even for simple things.

    So, as young people, what should we do? "Respect and care for them." U may get it right or maybe 1 mark for your answer, but are you sure you're gonna do it willingly? Just a point to ponder.

    He talked to you yesterday and today, he's gone. for forever..RIP

    Till then..

    Tuesday, December 7, 2010



    Alhamdulillah, I'm finally 18.
    Another year has come and gone
    The sands of time keep trickling away.

    Instead of counting candles
    and tallying the years,
    this birthday reminisces
    some special people in my live;
    who love me and take care of me
    and also enriched my life,
    and always be there for me in time I need.
    thinking of past, passing years cant never mar
    all the memories we shared together..

    I love all of you

    Birthday's also a time for reflection
    about life and future direction
    I've been here today because of the past
    and yet the unforeseeable future depends on what I'm today
    hopefully, I'll be a better person
    for each single second and minute.

    since today's 1 Muharram,
    I wish all of you
    (God willing) another great year,
    May Allah bless all of us. amin

    this is just a piece of heartfelt words of mine
    I obviously no good in writing or saying something,
    and I guess, that's it.


    Im so thankful to be able to breath in every single second and
    to live in this world. Alhamdulillah for all your outpouring love.
    O Allah, please don't leave me alone bcause I'm afraid for not having you with me.

    P/s: New year with new wishlist. Moga diperkenankan olehNYA

    Monday, December 6, 2010


    (notice the capital)
    I surely will remember all the bittersweet memories (bitter>sweet. Tehee) during this sem. Hopefully, I 'll not waste my time (no excessive sleep anymore, insyaAllah)
    Btw, I've planned many things to do; hospital attachment, novels, movies and lotsa.
    Last but not least,
    Salam Maal Hijrah, guys!
    May Allah bless all of us. ameen.
    p/s: Math paper was quite hard. It was totally distressing. Oh, result. ><
    Kelantan, here I come~

    Friday, November 5, 2010


    Currently, I am at my cousin's house (in KL). Yesterday, I got the result for Chemistry standardize test (Atomic Structure). Most of my classmate got 7 and 6. But me? >< It's really disappointing me. Still, what can I do? Struggle more? That's obviously the answer.

    Final is getting nearer.

    Monday, November 1, 2010


    Hi fellas! It has been quite long time I did not write here. and I've kept my blog privately for a while, due to some personal reasons. And now, I'm writing again. Ah, I miss you my dear bloggie.

    Just now, I've my mentor- mentee session. At first, one of my classmate gave us a tazkirah. Then, my mentor told us something that I realized the reasons of problems i faced here, in Kolej Mara Banting. I mean, anything regarding studies.

    One of the big thing is; (notice the bold part)

    Unresponsiveness in class.

    In KMB, I become a passive student. It is quite contrary with the old me. as if I did not participate in the learning process at all. I just listen, nod and thats it. Sincerely, I'm shy to ask Qs as my english is just so-s0. To add the diffulty, some of the teachers did not allowed us to speak Malay in her classes. (I'm not talking about English B HL class) I even did not given any response during tok class. I know that most of the teachers were a a bit offended by my attitude. I feel so guilty. As we all know, parents and teachers' blessing are utmost important in students' life but I've hurt the teachers' feelings. ><

    Thats maybe one of the reasons i did not score well in quiz and standardize tests. but still, I know that my effort is just not enough.

    P/s: Teachers, Im soo sorry of all my wrongdoings. (I'll try my best)

    p/s: why I'm always sleepy?

    Saturday, October 9, 2010


    Hye there. It has been quite a while after my last post. and today, I feel like writing sth..

    This is IB Learner Profile. Our IB coordinator did ask us to remember this during the orientation. I ain't have any of these now (mayb a few) but InsyaAllah one day, I'll.


    This week, I feel like there's sth missing in my life.

    And I feel guilty as well. A few seniors especially my naqibah invited me and seriously encouraged me to attend an Islamic programme outside KMB. Idk what type of programme is it, but I know that I really need 'it'. It's not Maahad anymore, so called biah solehah, where most of the teachers are ustaz and ustazah and I've lots of good friends. But my heart insisted by saying "No" as I've so many things to do; class musical dramma practise, spr thingy, buckets of homeworks and upcoming standardize tests. But...

    I ended up with nothing.

    1. I neither did the homeworks nor went to that programme.

    2. It's too hard for me to wake up early in these few days. I did sleep early but still, I just woke up when hear the azan.

    3. I read a few romance novels recently and seriously speaking, those stuff totally melaghakan
    ( Still, I must admit that Nickolas Sparks is cool. I like his novels)

    4. I feel like I don't want to do anything. (tido?makan?) I'm crazy, am I?

    Ya Allah, guide me to the right path. I really hope that I make full use of tomorrow, despite of the practise.

    Saturday, September 18, 2010


    Hi hi Hi. I'm back. The holidays seems to end very very soon. Actually, In this holidays I almost forget that I'm an IB student. Don't remind me of how I'm wasting my time by doing nothing but just sleeping and daydreaming. Huh, that's heaven. Is it? Nvm.

    I've been in KMB since the end of June, which 's almost 3 month, but still I couldn't accept THAT. (What the heck?) Idk, The thing is, I can't even fathom it by myself. Almost e'day, I kept saying "I'm tired, I'm hella lonely" and sort of negative phrases. I've been in pressure since I first step foot in KMB. And this holidays are a bless to me. I enjoyed it very much. It's the time for me to sort my thoughts and alleviate my stress as well. 2 month of my life in kmb is just a waste, all because of my ignorance. Ignorance is not a bliss and it's suck. I'm not gonna ruin my future because of this ignorance. Speaking about college, I haven't made any productive actions regarding my buckets of assigments, workloads and studies. I'm a dead meat. Am I? Yes. I am. hoho.

    P/S: I'm just arrived KL this morning. After taking shower, we (my cousin & I) went shopping and visited our relatives. Tomorrow I'm going back to Banting (crime scene of Datuk Susuilawati murder) Adios amigos.

    ignore typing/spelling error. Exhausted =.=

    Monday, September 13, 2010

    It's just not the same anymore..

    I just don't know why I love this so much. I keep playing this on my MP3 for thousand times. It seems like I'm in love and heartbroken. But of course that's no true. Tehee. Yiruma's very good. I mean, he's very very very good. I wish I could play piano someday. Ok, lets wish..

    I often close my eyesAnd I can see you smile

    You reach out for my hand
    And then I wake up from my dream
    Although your heart is mine
    It's hollow inside
    I never had your love
    And I never willAnd every night I lie awake
    Thinking maybe you love me
    Like I've always loved you
    But how can you love me like I loved you when 
    You can't even look me straight in my eyesI've never felt this way
    To be so in love
    To have someone there Yet feel so alone
    Aren't you supposed to be
    The one to wipe my tears,
    The one to say that you would never leaveThe water calm and still 
    My reflection is there and I see you holding me
    But then you disappear
    All that is left of youbis a memory 
    On that only, exists in my dreams
    I don't know what hurts you
    But I can feel it toobAnd it just hurts so much
    To know that I can't do a thing And deep down in my heart
    Somehow I just know That no matter whatI'll always love youSo why am I still here in the rain

    p/s: it's just not the same anymore. yes it is.

    Bon Voyage

    Howdy earthlings! I hope it’s still not to late to wish Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri. I also want to apologize to all of you for any wrongdoings I did. Maaf zahir batin.

    Nur Adnin Abdullah & Nurul Hani Abdul Jalil
    Bon voyage girls! Good luck to both doctor-to-be. Only God knows how much I love love love you.Tik doakan yang terbaik utk kamu. Sry 4 everything. and I'll be missing you.
    Goodbye to you my trusted friends
    We've known each other since we're 13 0r 14
    Together we climbed hills and trees
    Learned of love and abc s
    Skinned our hearts and
    Skinned our knees
    And not to mention to others who’ll fly this wed and next week:
    Fatimah Mohd Kamal
    Fawwaz Aizat
    and the other friends..

    p/s: bersedialah wahai diri!

    Monday, August 30, 2010


    Tak sabarnya..

    Ya, aku sangat2 tak sabar nak balik rumah setelah
    2 bulan 8 hari
    berada di kmb..

    Hari ni cikgu2 dah memberikan bekalan sempena cuti raya nanti. ><

    "Cikgu, saya xmahu bekalan tu banyak2."

    Sunday, August 22, 2010

    Random thoughts

    Howdy earthlings! I hope everyone's doing great and having a blessed Ramadhan so far. Yesterday, my mood is obviously not ok (you can see from the previous post) and alhamdulillah, I'm back to normal again. I think, yesterday, I had the longest sleep ever since I've been in kmb :D Well, I'm just sorting my thoughts as I'm all alone in the room.

    I called a friend of mine and talked bla bla bla.. then, it's disconnected.. ( I didnt even realized it Hehe) I immediately pressed *124#, and this msg appear on the screen

    Baki 0123456789:
    RM 0.04 Tempoh sah
    07/12/2018 ( Hey, 7/12 's my birthday :P)


    However, I managed to grab one of my friend's points, .. "there's only a way/solution =)"
    Huh, I'm always in overwhelming sadness. Heck no, I actually complicate things. I once heard that, to achieve happiness is to cease worrying things, especially things which are beyond our will. Ok, maybe the word "cease" is not suitable there, how's about lessen? =.= Still, I' ll realize how blessed I am to even be breathing in this simple-yet-complicated conundrum, so called ‘life’.

    Today, my friend phoned me and she said she gonna come to kmb. and I was like " OMG! OMG! Is it 4 real? I'm so ecstatic! After a while, I went to surau and finally met Aisyah..

    Thanks dear 4 ur words n everything

    Till then, t8 care people..

    Aisyah: Jangan sedih2 lagi yer
    Me : Yaya..

    Dr. Atikah

    Saturday, August 21, 2010


    I'm demotivated!

    or in the other words, Im LAZY

    As my bro said, "No action taken, so......."


    You are everything you choose to be.


    Salam ramadhan semua :) Hari ni terasa untuk berkongsi satu artikel setelah sekian lama blog ini berhabuk dek debu debu kesibukan..


    Pernahkah Anda bayangkan bila pada saat kita berdoa, kita mendengar ini:

    Terima kasih, Anda telah menghubungi Baitullah".

    Tekan 1 untuk 'meminta'.
    Tekan 2 untuk 'mengucap syukur'.
    Tekan 3 untuk 'mengeluh'.
    Tekan 4 untuk 'permintaan lainnya'."


    Bagaimana jika Malaikat memohon maaf seperti ini:

    "Saat ini semua malaikat sedang membantu pelanggan lain. Tetaplah sabar menunggu. Panggilan Anda akan dijawab berdasarkan urutannya."

    Atau, pernahkah Anda bayangkan bila pada saat berdoa, Anda mendapat respons seperti ini:

    "Jika Anda ingin berbicara dengan Malaikat,

    Tekan 1. Dengan Malaikat Mikail,
    Tekan 2. Dengan malaikat lainnya,
    Tekan 3. Jika Anda ingin mendengar sari tilawah saat Anda menunggu,
    Tekan 4. "Untuk jawapan pertanyaan tentang hakikat syurga & neraka,silahkan tunggu sampai Anda tiba di sini!!"

    Atau mungkin juga Anda mendengar ini :

    Sistem kami menunjukkan bahawa Anda telah satu kali menelefon hari ini. Silakan cuba lagi esok."


    Pejabat ini ditutup pada hujung minggu. Sila hubungi semula pada hari Isnin selepas pukul 9 pagi."

    Alhamdulillah... Allah SWT mengasihi kita, Anda dapat menelefon-Nya setiap saat!!!

    Anda hanya perlu untuk memanggilnya bila-bila saja dan Dia mendengar anda. Kerana bila memanggil Allah,tidak akan pernah mendapat talian sibuk. Allah menerima setiap panggilan dan mengetahui siapa pemanggilnya secara pribadi.

    Ketika Anda memanggil-Nya, sila gunakan nombor utama ini: 24434

    2 : solat Subuh
    4 : solat Zuhur
    4 : solat Asar
    3 : solat Maghrib
    4 : solat Isyak

    Atau untuk lebih sempurna dan lebih banyak afdhalnya, gunakan nombor ini : 28443483

    2 : solat Subuh
    8 : solat Dhuha
    4 : solat Zuhur
    4 : solat Asar
    3 : solat Maghrib
    4 : solat Isya
    8 : Solat Tahajjud atau lainnya
    3 : Solat Witir

    Maklumat terperinci terdapat di Buku Telefon berjudul "Al Qur'anul Karim & Hadis Rasul"

    Talian terus , tanpa Operator tanpa Perantara, tanpa bil.

    Nombor 24434 dan 28443483 ini memiliki jumlah talian hunting yang tak terhingga dan dibuka 24 jam sehari 7 hari seminggu 365 hari setahun!!!

    Sebarkan maklumat ini kepada orang-orang di sekeliling kita. Mana tahu mungkin mereka sedang memerlukannya

    Sabda Rasulullah S.A.W : "Barang siapa hafal tujuh kalimat, ia terpandang mulia di sisi Allah dan Malaikat serta diampuni dosa-dosanya walau sebanyak buih laut"

    7 Kalimah ALLAH:

    1. Mengucap "Bismillah" pada tiap-tiap hendak melakukan sesuatu.
    2. Mengucap "Alhamdulillah" pada tiap-tiap selesai melakukan sesuatu.
    3. Mengucap "Astaghfirullah" jika lidah terselip perkataan yang tidak patut.
    4. Mengucap "Insya-Allah" jika merencanakan berbuat sesuatu di hari esok.
    5. Mengucap "La haula wala kuwwata illa billah" jika menghadapi sesuatu tak disukai dan tak diingini.
    6. Mengucap "inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi rajiun" jika menghadapi dan menerima musibah.
    7. Mengucap "La ilaha illa Allah Muhammad Rasulullah" sepanjang siang dan malam sehingga tak terpisah dari lidahnya.

    Dari tafsir Hanafi, mudah-mudahan ingat, walau lambat-lambat...mudah-mudahan selalu, walau sambil lalu... mudah-mudahan jadi bisa, karena sudah biasa...

    Sumber: disini

    Sunday, July 11, 2010

    Hey Hey

    This's a picture of my classmates. M10F. *credit to nazu*

    Hi there! It has been a month (and plus plus :P) I'm at MCB. This' s my 1st time being away from family. (Obviously I'm not pampered :P) Alhamdulillah, im getting used to this place.. Erm, Eid holidays will start from 3 to 20 Sept. Yeeeeay, can't wait~ Idk why I dont have much idea on blogging since I enroll MCB. *_*

    Last Monday, Mcb had organized Unifair. I bet it was great! Thanks super senior :) Surprisingly, I met shahkang there. (I read his blog btw) I just cant believe that I read his blog and finally met him. Gee. I also met a maahadian and I was like "Oo Emm Gee". Im so enthralled :) Her name's kak samihah. 4th year student at UCD (university college dublin) We had long conversation on that day. Thanks dear sis~

    My Tok teacher once said: "Life is not just doing thing, but doing thing perfectly & correctly..." B independent? no plagiarism! Ergh! Tok essay? ><

    Saturday, July 3, 2010



    I don't know what's happened outside. (the gate of kmb, i mean)

    I neither read nor watch news. and I know, thats soooo bad.

    "Waste ur money and you're only out of money
    waste ur time and u've lost a part of ur life"

    I found the quote at OMG! I'm wasting my time again~

    Btw, frog under a coconut shell; that's the title supposed to be, but I prefer a short one. I think, I should post about flies later. "Flies at KMB" sounds great. Just wait~


    Hey! Hey! I want to introduce you sth, which's GDC. FYI, GDC is my life, my soul and my heart. GDC, I heart u so much. XD

    what's so special bout the GDC
    #1 bluetooth :P (that's what my classmates and I call it) It can transfer data to and from another GDC, I mean.
    #2 lots of app eg. graph. 570fx xleh bt graph weh.
    I didn't fully discover my GDC yet, so I don't know much.

    the reason why i heart this so much is

    GDC costs RM 460++

    OK, till then :)

    p/s: I got the previous version of GDC. There's some applications absent. Hey, I want my money back. xD

    Monday, June 28, 2010

    1st Impression

    Finally, 1 week of orientation is over and I'm officially KMBian. These are my so called 1st impression;

    1. Location
    We got lost when first coming here. KMB's surrounded by estates and situated in rural area- Bkt. Changgang. and not to mention, hundreds km away from K'tan. Huh. I miss K'tan and the people there. Banting is quite ok. Pekan Banting is ok. I like Kota Bharu more :)

    2. People (fellow kmbians)
    Genius! I feel very inferior here. They talk in advanced English and look very charismatic. The students here mostly from MRSM,SBP and majority, taking medicine. There's sb, who kinda stutter when pronouncing MAAHAD MUHAMMADI. I was =.=. The worst part is I'm hella ALONE! 7 days here like attending tamrin at maahad. I was totally exhausted with the orientation activities (mostly b'cause 7 month of honeymoon at home, doing nothing, basically just eating and sleeping.. - just exaggeration. )

    3. Food
    The food is ok but beverages is kinda "cair". Tak rasa milo, horlick pun. Haha. (makan free pun x bersyukur :P) Still, I miss my mom's cooking. Dewan Selera (DS) serves food 5 times a day. We also can buy food from KFC (Food court) and kiosk.

    4. Hostel
    2 students per room. I got a roommate from Cheras.

    Actually, I just want to highlight the #2. But at the same time, I don't want to post something sad here.

    I've choose to take IB
    There's no turning back.
    I can do it, InsyaAllah.

    Thursday, June 24, 2010


    Loads of things and stories to be told.
    But I'm gonna post about those later.
    Everything's new here. new environment, new friends. (but the college's isn't new. It's just the same :P)
    I'll say, its HECTIC. Enough said!

    Till then :)

    Sunday, June 20, 2010

    Short update

    Hi there! What's up?

    I'm going to Banting tomorrow.

    The holidays will be a few days before Eid..

    Wish me luck.

    Seriously, I'm so scared =.=

    P/S:packing belum siap. xmao tinggal buffy & stappie. uwaa!

    Monday, June 7, 2010

    Bicycle riding- get fit, stay fit and save money

    Yesterday, about 6.30 pm, I went out for bicycle riding. Yippie. It's been a long time i didn't ride bicycle. It was fun, no doubt and the gale- force wind blew as if it was about raining. gale- force? Ok, it's hyperbola. :)

    I still remembered a moment when i was a little child. I used to play bicycle in my house (our former house had a spacious living room) There's one day, I was about to show my act of bravado to mommy, as if I could fly with that bicycle from upstairs. and guess what, it came for a real. I fell from the stairs with my so called flying bicycle. boom ! pity me, heh?

    lets see a few pictures I've googled :)

    bicycles in ancient time..

    Romantic, is it? 1st person in mind when seeing this is Rain. "Full house" auwww~~

    weird and unique.

    Now, technologies is so advance.
    The bicycle can be even folded, especially for facilitating storage.

    Ps:I used to ride tandem bicycle with een and we fell -.-



    Yep, I'm very
    cuak right now.

    According to urbandictionary,
    Cuak is an onomatopoeic word used to ridicule a bad joke, or a bizzare situation.
    - What is the difference between a duck an a dog?
    - What?
    - The name, idiot!
    - Cuak..

    Please note that, I'm not talking about that kind of cuak. Cuak (that I'm taking about) means a feeling of nervous, scared, yadda yadda.
    Enough said! Check kamus dewan on your own, ok? (:

    To be honest, these days, I'm overwhelmed with anxiety..

    Actually, I'm thinking about future and it makes me shuddering to no extend. Have you ever thought that you'd made an unwise decision, that probably ruins your dreams? And there's no other way to change that kind of decision. Haven't you?

    We sometimes should take risks in our life, right? or else, our dreams wont come true. Am I right?

    But what if ..... ? (I wonder why there's always that kind of question)

    Ya Allah, bantulah aku menggapai cita- citaku..

    Photo by stephendun
    It's okay to be afraid. It's normal, human. Bravery is being afraid but doing the right thing anyway. Be brave. Believe in yourself. Take risks. Face your fear and don't look back.
    There's no turning back. Embrace the future, face your fear. I can do it, I can do it.

    Just now, I talked with Adnin. (Only God knows how I miss her, and the others also) I know I'm not the only one who scared bout future. Everyone does. Thanks for your words and sorry, I'm not really a good adviser.

    Last but not least, be positive Atikah, POSITIVE!

    Till then :)

    I really wanna talk to my friends; but at the same time I don't want to disturb them.

    Saturday, June 5, 2010


    05 June : Rachel Corrie's seized by Israeli. Huh.

    I feel like sharing one of the articles i read. *link*


    Semalam Razali Awang, pemberita TV3 yang pergi ke Gaza baru-baru ni, datang ke syarikat kami untuk berkongsi pengalamannya pergi ke Gaza baru-baru ini. Persatuan Islam Pekerja yang anjurkan. Razali ni tiap kali dia bercerita, mesti tersekat-sekat sebab dia kata dia tak dapat lupakan pengalaman yang dia akan kenang sampai mati.

    Ada beberapa perkara yang mahu saya kongsi bersama kerana ianya membuatkan tidur saya tidak lena...


    Razali kata, ini Firaun moden. Nama je Islam tapi dah terlalu sekular. Sanggup kencing di dinding-dinding masjid.

    Mesir sekat sempadan sedangkan hanya itu sahaja jalan darat hendak ke Gaza . Makanan dan ubat-ubatan semuanya rosak di sempadan Mesir-Gaza. Sempadan Mesir-Gaza berada dalam kawasan sepanjang 14 kilometer. Kalau lah tiada sekatan, rakyat Palestin takkan kebuluran...

    "Mesir lebih rela bersempadan dengan Israel daripada bersempadan dengan Hamas, Apa punya manusia ni..!", kata Razali Awang.

    Khutbah Jumaat di Mesir mengharamkan khutbah mengenai keganasan di Gaza . Razali beritahu rakyat Palestin yang dia interview, di Malaysia, tiap Jumaat kami bacakan Qunut Nazilah dan bersolat hajat demi kesejahteraan rakyat Palestin…

    Berapa banyak checkpoint dia kena lalui di Mesir… tapi dengan pertolongan Allah SWT, semuanya berjaya dilepasi... tapi perit nya... yang mintak rasuah… charge naik bas sejauh 500 meter ialah RM70!!!

    Memang sekutu kuat Amerika and Israel (Eee…tak ingin hantar anak gi Al Azhar... lebih baik hantar ke negara Islam lain... UIA pun dah bagus!!!)

    Gaza (Palestine)

    Terbahagi kepada 2 – Hamas dan Fatah… Belah Fatah ada Kasino!

    Kata wartawan dari Belgium dan Itali, the best strawberry in the world comes from Gaza !

    Imam Shafie lahir di sini (sebak pulak bila dengar yang ni).

    Razali kata rakyat Palestin sangat berpegang teguh kepada ajaran Islam dan mazhab Shafie. Orang Palestin sangat baik dan peramah jika dibandingkan dengan Pak Arab di Mesir tu.. Moyang Rasulullah SAW dikebumikan dia sini (lupa nama... tapi dia mention Hashim…).

    Beautiful country, iklim Mediterranean. boleh kalahkan Los Angeles kalau tak kerana peperangan..


    Memang kalangan yang rela mati sebab mati syahid. Rela mati bila-bila masa. Bila bersalam perpisahan dengan Razali dia orang ucap "Kalau anda datang lagi ke sini, adakah kita akan bertemu lagi?"…macam mereka tahu yang mereka akan mati bila-bila masa sahaja.

    Tulang-temulang manusia yang melekat di dinding bangunan-bangunan yang rosak akibat dibom Yahudi/Zionis, tak busuk walau dah berminggu!

    Mayat tak reput langsung, bila kubur dibedil oleh Israel… punyalah jahat bangsa Yahudi/Zionis, kubur pun dibedil konon tempat simpan senjata.

    Hamas ada 25,000 org... tak de senjata canggih tapi yang mati hanya 100 lebih je!!!

    Hamas ni beroperasi di bawah tanah dan mereka berada dimana-mana saja. mereka beroperasi dalam kumpulan-kumpulan kecil.

    Isteri-isteri kepada yang mati syahid, hanya ada satu misi, untuk berperang dan mati syahid supaya dapat jumpa semula suami masing-masing di syurga...

    Bagi mereka, kanak-kanak yang mati berada di sisi Allah SWT.

    Menurut seorang ibu yang anaknya mati syahid, hari ni sorang mati, esok pasti lahir seorang lagi bayi yang bakal menjadi pejuang Islam...


    Memang pengecut sebab tak berani berperang secara berhadapan dengan Hamas. di darat hanya duduk dalam kereta kebal. lepastu serang dengan bom pintar atau bom fosforus dari jarak jauh.

    Dia org tau Hamas ada penembak tepat! jadi mereka takut nak turun dari kereta kebal.

    Kereta kebal Israel musnahkan tanaman seperti anggur dan pokok zaitun sebab tanaman ni makan masa bertahun untuk tumbuh balik. Biar rakyat Palestin kebulur dan tak de sumber pendapatan.

    Semua resolusi PBB, satu pun Israel tak ikut!!! Ada back-up besar lah katakan...

    Rakyat Palestine

    Sedih Razali tengok dia orang rebus rumput sebab dah tak de makanan.

    Kanak-kanak tiada cita-cita lain selain dari ingin menjadi pengebom berani mati kerana trauma melihat ahli keluarga dibunuh di depan mata sendiri!

    Di hospital - pembedahan, jahit kulit ke apa ke… terpaksa dibuat tanpa bius. Sebab - ubat dah tak de.

    Razali kata dia tak tahan dia tengok budak-budak menjerit-menjerit kesakitan bila kepala di jahit!

    Dia jugak pergi sendiri ke dewan bedah yang telah dibedil dengan bom fosforus... sebelum serangan ada beberapa orang doktor sedang bedah pesakit… Razali kata tak de apa yang tinggal... semua dah jadi abu!!! Ada la nampak serpihan tulang sikit-sikit disana-sini… Fosforus ni dia hancurkan kulit dan tulang… Nauzubillah.

    Ada banyak lagi... tapi terlalu panjang untuk ditulis. Razali Awang memang volunteer nak pergi ke Gaza... jadi, inilah yang diceritakan oleh beliau.

    Satu lagi antara pembekal rifle ke Israel selain dari USA ialah negara jiran kita yang paling dekat iaitu SINGAPURA! jadi Razali kata kalau kita shopping dekat sana macam kita sokong Israel.

    Jadi kawan-kawan, kita terus berdoa dan berdoa untuk keselamatan saudara Islam kita di mana jua mereka berada..


    Mix & Match

    See above? It's my 1st try and I really don't know much about fashion, so I'm just trying to mix and match. but the result is @#$%^&

    #1 Im not gonna comment much bout the 1st one ( black). The stilettoe mesmerizes me as it's t0o high -.-

    #2 I like the L'est rose dress. it give a feminine touch for those who wear it. As it's short sleeve, a cardigan 's just nice or maybe you can wear it with a
    long sleeved tops.

    I'm not a fashion consultant, so I think, it's better for me to stop. Hehe

    Till then :)

    Friday, June 4, 2010


    IPOH: Mara will only provide scholarships to students who secured places in top foreign universities or colleges, equivalent to Cambridge and Oxford universities in the United Kingdom or Harvard University in the United States from next year.
    Currently, it offers scholarships to students pursuing courses at other higher institutions of learning overseas.

    Rural and Regional Development Minister Datuk Seri Shafie Apdal said the move was to promote local universities which also offered courses and facilities at par with their foreign counterparts.

    This was discussed in the cabinet meeting and it will be implemented next year," he said.
    "Some of our universities such as Universiti Malaya are at par with many foreign universities. We should take advantage of our own resources before turning to foreign universities," he said after visiting University Kuala Lumpur Royal College of Medicine Perak ( yesterday.

    "Why waste funds by sponsoring expensive foreign education that eventually produces the same quality as our own local graduates?"
    Source: NST

    As far as I concerned, Mara wants to cut down the number students sent to overseas. Some people see it as a good news but I don't think so. What say you?


    Ahmad amirul :))

    Till now, I haven't received the offer letter yet. I'm kinda worried but hopefully this thingy would be settled as soon as possible. The registration of my college getting closer and heck no, I haven't prepared as much. I really need to revive myself after 6 MONTH of holidays. So when? I'll never be prepared unless the college's start. Enough said! ( I wonder when will I enjoy this kind of holidays again)

    I don't know if there's any Maahadian will be studying at the college and hopefully, I able to adapt the environment very soon after the admission. Most of friends already started attending lectures and tutorials; seems everybody's starting to "enjoy" a new phase of life. All the best for your future endeavour.

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