Saturday, September 18, 2010


Hi hi Hi. I'm back. The holidays seems to end very very soon. Actually, In this holidays I almost forget that I'm an IB student. Don't remind me of how I'm wasting my time by doing nothing but just sleeping and daydreaming. Huh, that's heaven. Is it? Nvm.

I've been in KMB since the end of June, which 's almost 3 month, but still I couldn't accept THAT. (What the heck?) Idk, The thing is, I can't even fathom it by myself. Almost e'day, I kept saying "I'm tired, I'm hella lonely" and sort of negative phrases. I've been in pressure since I first step foot in KMB. And this holidays are a bless to me. I enjoyed it very much. It's the time for me to sort my thoughts and alleviate my stress as well. 2 month of my life in kmb is just a waste, all because of my ignorance. Ignorance is not a bliss and it's suck. I'm not gonna ruin my future because of this ignorance. Speaking about college, I haven't made any productive actions regarding my buckets of assigments, workloads and studies. I'm a dead meat. Am I? Yes. I am. hoho.

P/S: I'm just arrived KL this morning. After taking shower, we (my cousin & I) went shopping and visited our relatives. Tomorrow I'm going back to Banting (crime scene of Datuk Susuilawati murder) Adios amigos.

ignore typing/spelling error. Exhausted =.=

Monday, September 13, 2010

It's just not the same anymore..

I just don't know why I love this so much. I keep playing this on my MP3 for thousand times. It seems like I'm in love and heartbroken. But of course that's no true. Tehee. Yiruma's very good. I mean, he's very very very good. I wish I could play piano someday. Ok, lets wish..

I often close my eyesAnd I can see you smile

You reach out for my hand
And then I wake up from my dream
Although your heart is mine
It's hollow inside
I never had your love
And I never willAnd every night I lie awake
Thinking maybe you love me
Like I've always loved you
But how can you love me like I loved you when 
You can't even look me straight in my eyesI've never felt this way
To be so in love
To have someone there Yet feel so alone
Aren't you supposed to be
The one to wipe my tears,
The one to say that you would never leaveThe water calm and still 
My reflection is there and I see you holding me
But then you disappear
All that is left of youbis a memory 
On that only, exists in my dreams
I don't know what hurts you
But I can feel it toobAnd it just hurts so much
To know that I can't do a thing And deep down in my heart
Somehow I just know That no matter whatI'll always love youSo why am I still here in the rain

p/s: it's just not the same anymore. yes it is.

Bon Voyage

Howdy earthlings! I hope it’s still not to late to wish Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri. I also want to apologize to all of you for any wrongdoings I did. Maaf zahir batin.

Nur Adnin Abdullah & Nurul Hani Abdul Jalil
Bon voyage girls! Good luck to both doctor-to-be. Only God knows how much I love love love you.Tik doakan yang terbaik utk kamu. Sry 4 everything. and I'll be missing you.
Goodbye to you my trusted friends
We've known each other since we're 13 0r 14
Together we climbed hills and trees
Learned of love and abc s
Skinned our hearts and
Skinned our knees
And not to mention to others who’ll fly this wed and next week:
Fatimah Mohd Kamal
Fawwaz Aizat
and the other friends..

p/s: bersedialah wahai diri!
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