Thursday, January 15, 2009


14th January

this p0st'd been written yesterday when i'm not feeling well.
Yeah,i'm EMO.


Well, this starts when

1. people asked me

- ikah nk jd gap0 nati?
- tik, medic eh?
- awk da F5, kna ada cita2 da ni.
- ikah ngaji sungguh la ek.

2. and my friends turn t0 be "very g0od" students.
w0o. 24 h0urs with b0oks.
they g0t the spirit. and i only have 1% of that.*sigh*

and when i felt like i d0n't want t0 go t0 sch0ol anym0re.
i d0n't want t0 bring th0se heavy b0oks. i d0n't want t0 wait f0r buses.
i don't want t0 do homework.


me: yine, xse es sk0la. pastu nk wat kap0 eh? any idea?
they: nik0h ah wei. haha.

then, the rest' re laughing at me t0 death.


i'm 17 now. If i st0p here, what's about everything that i've achieve before.
means, i'm wasting my time.

hani once said t0 me:

tik skmo gitu, kat0 xstudy tp klu ckgu ty bleh jwb skm0.

hey, i'm l0sing my grip, dear

15th January

i know n realise that
There's only two choices in this life; t0 win or to lose.

To sum up, everything's about a choice.
A choice, ok?


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