Monday, December 8, 2014


Lepas exam tadi, laju-laju kayuh basikal balik. Solat, call mama n now terbenam dalam duvet. Excuse my language. Terbenam? Terkurung? Arrgh. Semoga dikurniakan hati yang redha dan harapnya lebih menambahkan semangat untuk study lepas ni.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

because we simply forgot

As I grew up, there are more and more 'things' that I realised I take it for granted. I wish it is still not to late for me to feel the al wadud of Him. We all know but we sometimes, simply forgot. Because we are all insaan, tend to forget things easily.

Close the eyes, make dua and cry, annnddd sujood.

This reminds me of my friend's sharings in our daily kuliyyah subuh:
We sometimes forget that those love we get from our family, friends, teachers, etc all from Him. He's the one who give thise love, make those people love us. Simply because, He's al wadud.

I just knew it, so congratulation


O Allaah, I seek Your guidance by virtue of Your knowledge. You are the Knower of hidden things. O Allaah, if in Your knowledge, this matter is good for me both in this world and in the hereafter, then make it easy for me, and bless it for me. And if in Your knowledge it is bad for me and for my religion, my livelihood and my affairs, then turn me away from it.

Thats one of my prayer. But when He turns 'that' away, I become speechless. A little bit sad maybe. Forgive me O'Allah for being greedy.

Allah is al-'aliim, the knower. He knows what is best for his slave, for me.
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