Thursday, December 17, 2009

5 SCIENCE 1 Farewell Party

The most tiring but memorable day~

First of all, Yeay for us for finishing our SPM

It's the best party ever. there's a bit chaos at first but then, things going ok n more enjoyable.
Pictures do tell everything~

Waa, rindu le nk ngenak bibah, ngantuk dgn adnin, gedix dgn ain, bossy dgn fiq. manja2 dgn hani, bebel dgn nab, senyum2 dgn ten, bertenang2 nge yine. Studying together, competing each other n JiHAD-ing together. What a wonderful memory to be remembered! I just still can't believe that we had finished our school days; means, we're getting older n older n OLDER! huh.
To the teachers especially cikgu azlina; sayang cikgu2 eh. berlari lari nih cikgu~
Hopefully, I'm still me. however I'm trying to be a better person. There're thounsands To- Do List for this new year. huh. tengok la yang mana betul- betul dapat buat.
UPU pun belum diisi. xtaw GPA & CGPA (ko-ku).
kehilangan idea & kata -kata untuk berblog. sudah lama ditinggalin.
Good Bye semua (",)


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