Sunday, September 6, 2015


People say life is not fair. I say we chose what we want in life. There are circumstances which are beyond our control. But there are still so many things that we can do and choose to shape our life the way we want it to be.

Take this simple analogy about human potential and limitation.

If I ask you to lift your right arm - you'll have no problem doing so

If I ask you to lift your left arm - you'll have no problem doing so. 

If I ask you to lift one of your legs - you'll have no problem doing so. 

If I ask you to lift your other leg - you will fall.Hence,

75% is within our control whilst the remaining 25% is for us to leave it to Allah to settle. That is tawakkal

- quoted.

I really love this.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015


These past few days, I've been receiving sad news regarding my friends. It is difficult for me to accept the fact that .., they are going back, for good. I might write a post about that soon, when I feel calmer. All I could say, living oversea is not a bed of roses, but it's not all thorns either. Studying medicine, all the workloads and all, add the burdens and beloved family are so far away. As year passes and going through year by year, things get more challenging.

Dear myself, keep holding on. Do your best, and you are going to be a great doctor. Keep going. 

Yours truly,
11.37pm 31/8
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