Saturday, January 9, 2010


Yesterday, I attended Kurikulum Pendidikan Pemandu or also known as KPP. Huh. I knew and I knew that I'm pretty left behind from all my friends, who had attended KPP months ago. Nvm. I woke up a bit late at the morning and I was in kekalutan. Where's my spec? Where's my purse? haha. Then, set out from my house by 8.10 am. (The clerk had asked me to wait near the bus stop at 8.15 am) Huh. There's no one there and I was just waiting while reading new m0on. I whispered to myself: "Oh, mujur bawa buku." I waited and waited. The watch that clung to my wrist showed 9:00 and it's the time to leave to my destination.

I made a new friend there. She has the same name as me. But with an additional "nur" in the front. Well, my name is just everywhere. Sedap la maknanye tu. Hehe. The KPP took 5 hours of my precious time. Not really 5 hours, actually. Nvm. There're so many guys who didn't go the mosque for Jumaat prayer instead of just eating and texting. Huh. Attending KPP is an excuse for them to skip it. What a lame excuse! During recess, i tried to answer UJIAN UNDANG- UNDANG by using the computer. Heck no. I just got 31 out of 50. Failed! Loser me. But, at that time i didn't read the b0ok at all. oke la tu kot. kot?

By 5.00 pm, the KPP just ended. Thanks God! Home sweet home.

-"sis, where're u going?"

after perfomed asar prayer, i accompanied my sis to kbmall. Hehe. I lyke! I lyke!


Huh, that's mina.

- "tik~"
- "hye nick"
- "aisyy, vice ehs"
- " ehs? lor abes da pun assignment tuh"

Haha. Nick, you supp0se to ask me, "How're you? r u ok?" or just say "I miss u, tik." instead of asking me that question. Huh.

There's a sale. A SALE, baby! 30% off, 50% off. OMG! I was just telling to myself that, i should buy these and those. You can't get a RM400 bag for only RM200. It's once or twice a year only. What a golden Oppurtunity~
No. No. I'm just crenate and shrink

1) I owe kakak RM25. Kak, this is an IOU for the debt. hehe
2) pudim3. hee. esk nasi ayam ngee

status: MySpace *blush*


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