Friday, January 22, 2016

"You wouldnt want to end up like this in final med. "

Another 1 year and 4 months before becoming a doctor

Monday, January 18, 2016

In the middle of studying.

One things that I hate to admit ...

And I hope I could change...

is being a hopeless romantic. Oh what? (Geli geliman really)  To be honest, I still believe in fairy tales, could giggle and dreamy over 'sweet' scenes on movies. Hahaha. I want to be realistic.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016


Hi there my dusted blog. It's 2016! How time flies.. and I'm unofficially 24. All I could say, age is just a number, teehee. I'm 24 and still struggling in medical school. But no worries, I'm enjoying it so far, with some good and difficult time. C'est La Vie, guys :) Some of friends are now married, have children and some are pursuing Masters or PhD. I'd say different people have different life journey. We just gotta enjoys ours.

At the age of 24, I realized I spend some time before sleep thinking and idealizing of how my future looks lije. Initially I plan to work here as I am so afraid of going home. The working environment back home is really scary, the economy and working opportunity isn't that good either. I am thinking to work and pursue my post graduate study here, but things get really difficult these days. This year, Ireland has very limited intern posts. Irish applicants are more that the available posts and obviously, non-EU like us won't get any opportunity. Let see how the rezeki goes. We plan and God also plans, and God is the best planner.

That's the future. How about now?

Hurmmm.. I'm really struggling now. Medical school is very challenging. (Every course has its own challenges. I can't say any other course easy). Everything that I learnt in pre-clinical years, all the basic and fundamental knowledge are crucial in clinical years. How I wish I study harder since first year. Do pray for me please. Let me be a good and competent doctor, :)

OK thats all. I dont know what I'm writing now. See ya
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