The Girl


‘Confession of a girl’ is a place to express myself as well as sort out my thought and as a small attempt to remind my forgetful self to the beautiful life I am granted with and to the more beautiful, everlasting hereafter I am promised with if I strive to follow the righteous path, Ameen. I have no talent in writing but I believe each one of us, the writer is unique to his or her own way of articulating words, stringing sentences together and injecting humour or sorrow to their piece of writing. Note that ‘confession of a girl’ is not a diary! But it’s surely a different point of story, a different point of view and a different experience altogether.
  I read blogs, I follow blogs and those inspire me to be well in life. Call me too idealistic, but I still want to be that person who inspires hope and affects changes to people - no matter how small. Because at the end of the day, I am neither perfect nor good. I am only learning to be a better person each day. 



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