Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Mixed Up

Unconditional love. Does it ever exist?


I am enticed by a status from a senior, which goes;

"We often mix between what is for Allah's sake 
and what is for our own sake". 

We do those extra ibadah because we have those worldly gains that we want. 

We were told that out of many ways to gain His love are to do things such as reciting the Quran, listeing to Islamic speakers, go to daurah, waking up for qiamullai,and  performing (extra) solat rawatib. Whether we realize or not, those effort can easily turn into just another daily routine.

when we're standing up after our obligatory prayer,
when we're lifting our hands for du'a that we've been reciting and memorizing for the past months.
when we're prostrating during prayers and all we are doing is asking for those worldly things that we wanted so bad.

never or rarely, to appreciate His presence or His closeness.

and sometimes, we do all the ibadah so that we're able to tick the boxes for our 'mutabaah amal' or good-deeds-I've-done list.

Rarely we talk to him and pour things out from our hearts.

We do those ibadah because all the wordly gains.

and of course, all of them can be prevented by having a pure intention and
by keep renewing our intention.

To love Allah for the sake of Allah
To do those extra ibadah for Him, not just because we have this wordly gain that we want.
and To be sincere, despite knowing that it is the most challenging thing to do.

Let us seek for Allah's redha and thus gaining a beautiful ending, shall we?
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