Monday, June 22, 2009

When you believe

why there're too much evil people in this world?
why they need to lie and hurt others?
why they grab others' happiness..
i won't forgive you. ( am i evil here?)

the last thing that u left for me was gone.
i don't have anything else anymore.
what should i do now?

there can be miracles ,when you believe.
is it true?


P/s: i'm posting this at school. don't jealous k.

p/s: isk, miss mggedix. hani dpt syumn baru. lalala

Saturday, June 20, 2009


help, help me!

arghh. bencinyer.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

La Parure

Warning: Don't read if u don't dare to read. panjang2

felt so tired today. 8.50 am: set out from house & went to Karisma Edu Centre (ceyh, skema la plop)
9.05 am: reached there. Luckily, the class didn't start yet but i had to sit at the back. sobs.
(there's sb who is-supp0sed-not-to-name came by 10. Anyway, i don't even know who's actually that person.) I'm not that late k. hehe. The worse part is I had to squint over the whiteboard. Erk.

My sis phoned me just after the class ended. She asked me to walk to Pantai Timur. She's there with my mum n lil sis. Yeah, it's sh0pping time. 0pps, i mean, time for acc0mpanying them t0 sh0p. I walked there as fast as could (meme laju bena la). Just t0ok 5 minute. Lalala. Before that, i went t0 Masjid Bar0ah, just beside the Ct Khadijah market. Kinda angry with sorang pak cik. He's standing beside of women's ablution area. Ok, it's still acceptable. maybe he's waiting for his friends but his face's closely facing to the cements with have a lot of holes (idk the exact name for it. I'll call it "gotu2 laa" ) as if he's peeping. Errr...

Stop and stare at a lot of shops today. I don't want to buy anything. I wanted to but ... (xpe la mama, bazir jer.) I'm just craving for a DSLR. Indeed. Just can't resist it. My sis teased me and said, "I'll buy it for you once you become a photographer, k. =P" Err. Came home a bit late today. T0ok bath. Then, blogging time. hee. I need to pack all my stuff tonight as I'll stay in hostel for 4 days. (Opps, just 3 days 2 night as i need to back home on Monday evening and skipped all the classes. I'll return on Wednesday morning). I' ll be extremely busy on the next three days.

OMG, i don't finish my homework yet. Bi0's rep0rt and PSI exercise. (ni x campur homework2 sblm exam). Loser me! A few reminders to 5Sc1 students. please bring all these stuff k

- eng cerdik exercise book
- chem n phy RM1- exercise books
- graph papers
- some choc or biscuits for our supper, hehe

p/s: "page under construction" till forever. hehe.
pS/s : la parure means the necklace. FYI, it doesn't relate anythin' with this post.
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