Monday, December 22, 2008

4th tag


huh. I've been tagged again. this is my 4th tags for this month.
huh, such a long tag. To be honest, i don't mind it. Anyway, thanks to che ten for this tag. hee. Well, you've just filled a part of my boring day. here they are.. tadaaa~

1. What is the most important thing in your life?
loads of things and i know u don't want to know it.hee

2. What is the last thing you bought with your own money?
FYI, all my money is from my mom. so, it's not my money. XD
cadbury-mixed nuts, i supp0se~

3. Where is your dream wedding ceremony location?
middle of ocean on a l0vely cruise XD

4. Do you think your relationship will last forever?
Actually,it ended a second ago. Uh, how can? XD


5. Are you in love?
of course. i did mentioned before, didn't i?

6. The last restaurant you had dinner?
i don't remember. do you?

7. Name the last book you bought.
sh0paholic and baby. 3 m0nth ago. well, i'm n0t a bookworm=p

8. What is your full name?
again, i d0n't remember. did i g0t alzheimer or s0mething? uh, nau'zubillah.

9. Who do you prefer,
father or mother?
hehe. i only have my mom right now.. but i l0ve both of them.

10. Name a person you wish to meet in your life for the first time.

Rasulullah s.a.w, 4 sure.

11. Name 8-5 of your best friends? (in no particular order)
why should it be 8? i have th0usands u know..
1. een che m.amin
2. yine w.zaimii
3. ani ab.jalil
4. ten m.zaid
5. fqah m.zulkifly
6. adnin abdullah
7. munirah ameen
8. nabilah husin

do u see? i do remember their fathers' name. proud of that. hee

12. Do you do your own laundry?
of course, i do. and not to mention with the help fr0m "pak cik t0shiba" hee

13. The most exciting place you're longing to go?
every part of this w0rld.. Mecca, Medina and then Eur0pe, UAE, USA
bring me there~

14. Cuddles or kisses?

15. Describe 5 things about the person who'd tagged you.
Again, why should it be 5? i do luv 7. get it?
1. she 's pretty
2. she's cute
3. she's charming
she's attractive
5. she's beautiful
6. she's sweet
OMG! am i too much?

MySpace blnjo eskem deh?

16. 8 things I am passionate about.
8 again? don't test my patience, dear. LOL
1. Internet
2. Shopping (use to. ok?)
3. Novels (not that jiwang2 novel k))
4. idk

17. 8 words that you often say.
i said 7? do u hear me?
1. ceyh ( every second XD)
2. ello dear ( wif my friends)
3. mum.mii mum.mii (bergedix with mama) haks
4. buke ikah la.. kakak/adik/ etc ( try to defend myself) haha
can i stop here?

18. 8 most recent books u've read.
1. shopaholic takes manhattan
2. remember me?
3. undomestic goddess
4. Quran saintifik by Dr. Zainal

19. 8 songs that I listen relentlessly.
1. shinee- romantic
2. suju- u
3. suju- endless moment
4. utada- first love
5. rain- love story
6. big bang- haru haru
7. any song
8. no more, get it? haha
i heard all of 'em 20 times a day. OMG! i can't bear with them anymore. shoo, stay away from me =p


19. 8 things that you've learnt last year.
uh, why should i tell you? RM10 for a thing, ok? maybe RM 5? LOL

20. 8 victims to tag
i d0n't like 8. get it?
no one then~

p/s: that onion emoticons are so cute, right? but i don't feel they're onions? do you?

"As ye sow, so shall ye reap"

Friday, December 19, 2008


To: MMP SPM' 09 candidates (science stream)

Message: EST 's no l0nger a compulsory subject for spm.
means, u can drop that subject.
but,, u can't take 11 subjects
still 12 subjects.

Tawassur Islam 's the m0st advisable subject in replacing EST.
so girls, decide n choose wisely..
it's ur future.

give ur responses girls. enthuasiastic or not??
i'm a bit confuse actually.
tell me what's the subject you want to take in replacing EST.



You can't take m0re than 12 f0r ur spm.
Any additional subject's only Tasawwur Islam.
No more EST, isk~

fighting f0r ur spm.

Source: papa li terchenta

p/s: s0me0ne t0ld me that there'll be a new mudirah next year. fr0m MP3. *erk?*

p/s: ari2 p0st blog. maju2

Thursday, December 18, 2008

My list


my number one
1) ki bum

OMG, he's so cute

2) wu chun

3) sung min

4) si won

for further list, please wait for upcoming posts. ahaks=p

I'm suspect- X

I've answered a l0t of tags this month. H0pefully, there's n0 more tag till the end 0f 2008.

Yesterday, i g0t my new i/c. So, i d0n't need t0 bring my temporary i/c anymore which is triple biggger than the original one. And uglier too.. (opps, did i insulted JPN? erk, i didn't meant to.

Just now, i w0ndered why i'm writing this. And i d0n't even know if there's somebody wh0 will read this stupid bl0g. and at last i realize that i knew n0thing. Sometimes, i kept asking myself why all these ordeals came t0 me? n0t others. why i've to face it? i feel like i deserve better than these. Astagfirullahal-a'zim.. what i'm talking about! F0rgive me, ya ALLAH 4 the stupid thoughts. And i know, these're only tests. Tests to make me be more grateful, perhaps. Everythings 's belong to HIS, absolutely. And the best remedy 's patience. and DOA, for sure.

The SMU result will be ann0unced s0on. T0day's 18th Dec already. I'm scared. really. Yeah,, i knew, i have to get ready to face all this. they're all my fault. and i've t0 resp0nsible for everything i did. Nevermind though.

Last week s0meone t0ld me that i'm such a liar. Well, t0 the intended pers0n, thanks again 4 being h0nest. I'm really appreaciate it. It hurts me a lot but i think there's no use t0 be sad b0ut it. What i've t0 do is try t0 be the better atikah, for sure. *sigh*

And Yine once said to me.

" You must know what u want in ur life. d0 not follow others or u will regret s0on"

Did i? Yeah.. i think, it's true. And i fell so damn ashamed. Ashamed t0 my mom. Ashamed to my friends. Ashamed to myself. Well, actually, i still do not know what're the things that i'm trying to find in my life. What're the part that i'm really good at? what are my p0ntentials? zilli0ns 0f questi0n cr0ssed my mind. but, n0thing of them have their answers How pathetic! uh! W0ndered, when will i know that? My pals keep saying

" D0n't w0rry tik,, u'll finally treasure what u're g00d at. Everyone has it. Just wait n see! "

OK then, let's h0pe..

Erm, I've a few h0meworks f0r this h0liday. A few? I mean, l0ads of. haha. My chemistry teacher asked me t0 finish a wh0le exercise bo0k. And i've d0ne n0thing..L0ser me! haha. N0t to mention, PQS and PSI. To be h0nest, i didn't even t0uch that b0oks. OMG! I know and i know i'll suffer in form 5 if i do not start studying right now. Just now, i realized that there' re a l0t of things that i didn't understand. *yearn a tutor* especially in +math n bi0l0gy! I'm just dreaming and playing when teachers taught us in class. and now, it's the result. How pathetic!

Talking about holiday. I've d0ne a l0t of stuffs. n0vels- PS2- on9. Anyway, thanks to Yine, Aisyah and Adnin for lending me n0vels. from sk, surely. i l0ve them very much. lalala. i also did watched a few drammas. taiwanese n korean drammas, for sure. woo.. awesome..

OMG, it's pretty long! ok, till then. Havaw0nderfulday

p/s: "purse" hunting! hee.. (last time i saw one, but the price is ... 0MG!)
r u generous? buy 4 me then=p

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Tagged by Che TEen :XD

1) bekas kekasih aku adalah
= handphone

2) aku sedang mendengar
= first luv

3) mungkin aku patut
= fikir ape yg ak mahu dlm hidup & act t0 achieve it

4) aku suka belajar
= sesuatu yg bru
= bljr m****k,, hee

5) sahabat baik aku adalah
= diri aku

6) aku tak paham
= knpa aku rs sunyi
= knp bio xska driku? mengapa? knp? hak

7) aku kehilangan
= kata-kata

8) ramai yg berkata
= ak nie garang

9) makna nama aku ialah
= yg pemurah
= yg berani

10) cinta tu adalah
= ssuatu yg ak x faham. 143? haks

11) di suatu tempat
= adik2 ak duk main PS2

12) aku akan cuba
= jd diri ak sndiri

13) makna SELAMANYA ialah
= forever

14) henpon aku
= duk bwh katil, hee

15) aku paling meluat
= bila org 2 menipu

16) bila aku bangun dr tidur
= ak akn tgk jam

17) party adalah
= happening

18) haiwan yg paling cute
= kucing & hamster

19) peringkat umo yg paling menyeronokkn
= when i was toddler

20) hari ini aku rasa sgt tension sbb
= ak malas nk study tahap tera, haks

21) mlm ini aku akan cuba
= tgk CSI:NY.. my favourite

22) aku btl2 inginkan
= keredhaan ALLAH
= kbhgian hidup di dunia & AKHIRAT
= 12 A1 SPM 2009

23) bila tgk muka kt cermin pg td
= nape muka ak plep jer ari nie?

24) shopping kompleks adalah
= tmpt yg plg myer0nokkan bila kt ader duit

25) makanan segera biasanya
= byk kal0ri & mgemukkan

26) ayat2 terakhir anda kata pd org
= pai3

27) nk pnjgkn tag ni?
= yup,, i'm b0ring t0 death XD

28) mata aku
= ader sepasang

29) aku nk tag
= insan bnama seseorg, haks

30) any last words?
= knapa smpai 30 jerk? XD
= so, nk tmbh 3 soalan

31) aku amat takut
= jd remaja 17 thn

32) aku ada
= harapan

33) ak rasa
= blog ak nie mboringkan

Thursday, December 11, 2008


i'm so sad

what a s0mbre life!




nothing to do-larh

2009's coming.

why u're comin' to0 fast?

why u're always flying?

can u walk? or u do not know how to walk?

i'll teach u then

how's about creeping?

will u wait for me?


Tuesday, December 9, 2008

another tag

tagged by sis zatty n cik lulu

1. 7 Ciri Wanita/Lelaki Idaman Anda :

- mntap agamanya..haks
- xhensem xper tp understanding tu msti
- r0mantic [[imp0rtant thing,haks]]
- s0meone yg blh guide k'jln yg lbih baex..huks
resp0nsible n hormat org tua

LOYAL.. n0 kayu-kayu empat larh!

caring n l0ving

2. 7 Wanita/Lelaki Yang Tak Pernah Anda Minati Sepanjang Hidup :

- playboy!
prefer "kucim" ag dr buaya

- hypocrite




hard to describe

3. 7 Perasaan Anda Sekiranya Keluar Dengan Orang Yang Minati :

- erk? nervous; gelabah
btl ker? xcaya2

- w0rried

nak balik.. nak balik.. ader keje arr!


ntah ah..

4. 7 Tempat Istimewa Yang Ingin Dilawati Bersama Pasangan Anda :

mekah ug0pp..
- Paris..


candle light dinner at the t0p of a building..


byk lg.. malu ah nk oyt.. angan2 jer lebeyh..

5. 7 Barangan/Sesuatu Istimewa Yang Akan Anda Hadiahkan Kepada Si Dia :

- shud i give ? no need larh!
cake.. bt sndiri neyhs..haha

- ader ah.. bt per nk tau?
aper yg mmpu ku beli..

my truly luv, weks

buku .. haks

k0piah k0t.. hee

6. Tajuk Lagu Yang Akan Anda Nyanyikan Untuk Pasangan Anda..

- die nk dgr ker?
l0ve story ok gak

- luv you so-natalie
insan bnama kksih versi sdiri2

asmaul husna..

- fes luv-utada
- ntah ah.. x arif ah bab2 lgu neh..

7. Rakan Yang Anda Tag Dan Mahu Mereka Buat 7 PERIHAL Ini. Wajib!!!! Mereka Perlu Diberitahu Akan Hal Ini..

cik iwa, hee opps,, i mean,, miss wanna

p/s: npe ek p0st2 skank nie asyik psl nie jerk? isk
p/Ss: slmt pgntin baru to my cousin n kak syiela..

Monday, December 8, 2008

love story!

tiru kak siah ker nieyh? haks..
same wif her,, i like this lyrics!! hee
xjiw0 deyhs,, ahaks!!

This is my story
It’s true
OK, listen..

the sweet words that i wanted to dedicate to you
is the words that make me sad
eventhough we fell in love very much
but somehow we still..
cannot overcome that reason.
we’re just like a fool one's,
that can't confess our own feelings.

so, how are you now.. i dont know.
did your heart changed? its not too late right?
i've prayed but you still.. turned away coldly.

this is a true love story.
it's my story that i risked everything on.
but its has reach to an end, and everything is over now.

this is my past love.
i love you, and i still love you.
it is possible to forget that i loved you.
the love that buried in my memory.
when you left me..
all of the promises you have made is totally nothing.
you smiled while telling my story
while me is suffering of this sickening heartache.
i'm dying. did you notice?

this is my true story.
the real sound from my heart

if i give all my guarantees.
i will be forever waiting for you to come back to me.
my heart is breaking. just like a glass fall down to earth..
wreck and scattered. it's very painful and scorching.
i'm drown into the hateness and all the innermost feeling of you.
i'm half-way lost. but love.. is still recalling.

you have found someone that really suits you right?
so, that's it.

everything change.
now, everything can be settle without you.
now, listen to any songs of ours will give it all my sentiment.
i'm so sick of those songs.
the songs of ours. songs of lie

i’m not regretting.
just at time, i feel stupid for knowing you.

i will try to forget you thought i didn't want to..
but i just have to. it's not easy to do,
however i'll try.

i'm trying hard to forget you now.
thanks a lot for dragging me into this stupid sadness
that i've never felt before.

p/s: rec0mp0sed by kak siah..
the original one
: here

Sunday, December 7, 2008

I've fallen in LO*E

today's 7th DEC
means: my special day.. hee

thank f0r the wish, my dear friends!!
last night, i can't help myself fr0m crying
i really miss u, daddy..our m0ment^_^
i want u singing happy birthday s0ng t0 me,,
as u did last year, daddy

but it's 0bviously imp0ssible.. nvm

9.00 am: switch on this lapt0p and
watched a taiwanese drama.. w0wo
i like this st0ry.. i rate it 5 star~!! lalala
and the big thing is: t0day,, i have fallen in lo*e..
n wh0's that lucky guy?
well,, i think, it's better f0r me to keep it as a secret f0r a while =p..
OMG, he's really cute.. and guess what?
he's very r0mantic too.. waaa.. =))
0k,, maybe i can give u a hint
he's taiwanese.. lalala
s0 starting fr0m this,
w0n bin and i are 0fficially break up.. get it? hahaha


wu chun~

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

as empty as ..

just realises that m0re n m0re maahadians j0in bl0gger c0mmunity..
s0 guys, welc0me! hee..

n n0w i get b0ring with all these.. t0day is 2nd Dec..
next m0nth, it'll be a new year. means: the year of SPM..
huh! lambat lg kan?? a m0nth t0 enj0y..haha^^

i had a bad case of "jiw0" syndr0me last night..haha..
startin' t0 w0rry b0ut future..
idk what t0 do with my life.
am i happy? am i contented with my life? passionate?

zilli0nth 0f questi0n're penetrating int0 my mind..
"why? what if i? if? arggh??"
i really feel empty right now..
my life 's just empty.. huh?

"Know you (all), that the life of this world is only play and amusement, pomp and mutual boasting among you and rivalry in respect of wealth and children, as the likeness of vegetation after rain, there of the growth is pleasing to the tiller; afterwards it dries up and you see it turning yellow; then it becomes straw. but in the hereafter(there is) a severe torment (for the disbelievers, evil doers), and (there is) forgiveness from Allah and (his) good pleasure( for the believers, good-doers), whereas the life of this world is only a deceiving enjoyment."


Tagged by
miss kelink and m0k cik lulu


01. What is the relationship of u and him/her?
what d0 u think?

02. Your 4 impressions towards him/her?
caring, "blur", b0ssy, fatty=]]

03. The most memorable things he/she had done for you???
he once did my +math h0mew0rk..
shuh.. d0n't tell anyb0dy k?

04. The most memorable thing he/she have said to you??
"isk,, sap0 la kene k0 ikah nie eh?
xp02,, plg awl umur 30 ser0
" =p

05. If he/she become ur lover, you will...
uh n0. i'm already a wife.. haha

06. If he/she become ur enemy,you will..
0f c0urse, he is.. i'll ?? idk

07. If he/she become ur lover, he/she has to improve on...on his or her
n0 need l0rh.. just like the real him

08. If he/she become ur enemy,the reason is..
what shud i tell u.. haha..
nothing dear..

09. The most desirable things to do on him/her is???
be m0re "ayu" l0rh,, haha
and 0f c0urse 12A1 f0r SPM 09

10. The overall impressions of him/her is???
he's s0 baexx!

he is..

my 2nd br0..

11. How do you think the people around you will feel about you..???
idk. ask 'em l0rh.
hyp0crite? arr0gant?

12. The character of u..for urself is..???
tik juruh? haks.. t0o far fr0m that..
simple,, i supp0se

13. On contrary, the character u hate of urself is...

14. The most ideal person that u wanna be is..
the better atikah, 4 sure

15. For the people who likes you, say something about them..
huh? n0 one likes me.. nges2

16. Seven people to TAG..

1. rusyda
2. zda
3. princess nur
4. he
5. she
6. she
7. he

17. Who is no.2 having a relationship with??
ask her.idk

18. Is no.3 a male or a female ???
what d0 u think?

19. If no.6 and no.7 were together,would it be a good thing..??
she and he? g0od2..

20. How about no.5 and no.4??
he n she?? it's same, isn't?

21. What is no 1 studying about??
studying t0 be a human. haha

22. Is no.3 single???
i supp0se..

23. Say something about no.6 ??
"she" means wh0?


n0 need l0rh..
0k2,, mayb a pic..

a simple me..

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