Monday, April 13, 2009

pink blusher

the beach

"ehem3, i was about to delete this post actually. but just realized that
it was my 5th unpublished post"

2,3,4 APRIL 2009

Sth had happened and i was not really happy with that circumstance. i was blamed for sth .. err, idk. it's illogical, 4 sure. Maybe, i'm just an unwelcome visitor. Arrh, i didn't care it anymore. However, i'm quite excited actually. Had a romantic time alone (haha) at the beach.
so peaceful. i do love beach. waa~

9th APRIL 2009

the GBS
-zakiah, zaza, een n me-
24-hours in front of pc. [eating- sleeping- reading(?)] except for bathing. hik3.
memories at zaza's h0use're the best.
even, it's frustrating to know that we didn't win.
just because a simple mistake >.<

skipped classes for a week
byk yg xfaham nih, isk3


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