Friday, April 17, 2009

mascara of TKP '09

It's over.
waa,, rindu ugop.
terima kasih kpd smua yang membantu
esp. Am & Izzah.

and not to mention, seniors n juniors yg sentiasa bg kerjasama.
*kak tikah sporting?* hik
sry juga untk segala kekurangan.
mmndgkan ak lambat bt KKD.
kalau x silap, 5 ari sblm
so,xleh nk g jau

beg & KKD

ehem3 >.<
da xtau nk kata aper
cumanye,rasa nk mkn ABC jerk. da sbulan da ak nk mkn benda tuh.
tp xdpt2. sobs
so, Atikah, da xde alasan untk ngantuk dlm kls da lps nie.

16 and 17 April 2009

Monday, April 13, 2009

pink blusher

the beach

"ehem3, i was about to delete this post actually. but just realized that
it was my 5th unpublished post"

2,3,4 APRIL 2009

Sth had happened and i was not really happy with that circumstance. i was blamed for sth .. err, idk. it's illogical, 4 sure. Maybe, i'm just an unwelcome visitor. Arrh, i didn't care it anymore. However, i'm quite excited actually. Had a romantic time alone (haha) at the beach.
so peaceful. i do love beach. waa~

9th APRIL 2009

the GBS
-zakiah, zaza, een n me-
24-hours in front of pc. [eating- sleeping- reading(?)] except for bathing. hik3.
memories at zaza's h0use're the best.
even, it's frustrating to know that we didn't win.
just because a simple mistake >.<

skipped classes for a week
byk yg xfaham nih, isk3
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