Saturday, December 26, 2009

Sequel of shopping (Part 3)

This happened on 21 DEC at Parkson, KBTC

oh my God, is this for real?
i like this, really..
Let see the price: it's RM 300.
Ok, i'll buy it.
No, you can't buy a bag for RM 300.
you 'd promise urself that you don't want to overspent.
But, it's beautiful. Really. I can't deny it.
It's not worth it.
You can buy that kind of bag at pasar malam for RM50 or less.
6 pasar malam bags 're worth about RM300. (maybe more bags)
But, Thailand-made and branded products never the same , dear!
No one will notice if you wear the pasar malam bag.
But, I don't wear pasar malam bag.
no, I do.

It's RM300.
Ok, i promise I will use this bag throughout the year.
Maybe i can use for 2 year. or even more.
I won't buy any bag anymore.
Arr, are you sure? Err.. IDK

Thats it.

RM300 is nothing for others and it's cheap for a bag. But the thing is I do not want to overspent. i really want to save money..

p/s: 2 post in 1 day. maju2.


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