Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Alhamdulillah. Alhamdulillah. Alhamdulillah.

Have you said "Alhamdulillah" today? Alhamdulillah for Allah had chosen us from the zillions of people to worship Him,  to remember Him, while others are sinning and forget Allah totally. The ni'mah of Islam and Iman are the biggest one could ask for. Cliche' isn't it? However, if you really try to reminisce your jahilliyyah and compare them with your current life, I am pretty sure you would be so grateful. Such reminder is often said in almost every thobur (read: assembly) back in Maahad, but I can only feel and fathom this after leaving the school. -.='


After those sombre atmosphere in my life (and my blog too), I am now feel rejuvenated. Seeing my BFF back in Maahad really cheer me up. Last week, I went to a friend's wedding and met a few darlings from Noli Me Tangere, MMP, and KEX'10. On the next day, I spent a whole day with Cals, and managed to spend time with my lovely desk-mates (Adnin, Bibah, Aisyah) Thanks Allah for sending these people for me.

and my family are more supportive than ever when I was having depression. I often found myself sleeping at sister's or mama's rather than my own room, sharing plates and suap-ing each other recently. Not to mention, some fights too. Hahaha.

and I am leaving all these lovelies soon. I'll be surely missing you guys.

So dear Atikah,

 Take care of yourself! you're a big girl now. ( Should I rename the blog to confessions of a BIG girl? :D)

p/s: jagalah hati.
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