Friday, June 4, 2010


Ahmad amirul :))

Till now, I haven't received the offer letter yet. I'm kinda worried but hopefully this thingy would be settled as soon as possible. The registration of my college getting closer and heck no, I haven't prepared as much. I really need to revive myself after 6 MONTH of holidays. So when? I'll never be prepared unless the college's start. Enough said! ( I wonder when will I enjoy this kind of holidays again)

I don't know if there's any Maahadian will be studying at the college and hopefully, I able to adapt the environment very soon after the admission. Most of friends already started attending lectures and tutorials; seems everybody's starting to "enjoy" a new phase of life. All the best for your future endeavour.


Farhan said...

it is still boring. >.<

AtikAh said...

at least u can go "shopping"

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