Monday, June 7, 2010



Yep, I'm very
cuak right now.

According to urbandictionary,
Cuak is an onomatopoeic word used to ridicule a bad joke, or a bizzare situation.
- What is the difference between a duck an a dog?
- What?
- The name, idiot!
- Cuak..

Please note that, I'm not talking about that kind of cuak. Cuak (that I'm taking about) means a feeling of nervous, scared, yadda yadda.
Enough said! Check kamus dewan on your own, ok? (:

To be honest, these days, I'm overwhelmed with anxiety..

Actually, I'm thinking about future and it makes me shuddering to no extend. Have you ever thought that you'd made an unwise decision, that probably ruins your dreams? And there's no other way to change that kind of decision. Haven't you?

We sometimes should take risks in our life, right? or else, our dreams wont come true. Am I right?

But what if ..... ? (I wonder why there's always that kind of question)

Ya Allah, bantulah aku menggapai cita- citaku..

Photo by stephendun
It's okay to be afraid. It's normal, human. Bravery is being afraid but doing the right thing anyway. Be brave. Believe in yourself. Take risks. Face your fear and don't look back.
There's no turning back. Embrace the future, face your fear. I can do it, I can do it.

Just now, I talked with Adnin. (Only God knows how I miss her, and the others also) I know I'm not the only one who scared bout future. Everyone does. Thanks for your words and sorry, I'm not really a good adviser.

Last but not least, be positive Atikah, POSITIVE!

Till then :)

I really wanna talk to my friends; but at the same time I don't want to disturb them.


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