Sunday, August 22, 2010

Random thoughts

Howdy earthlings! I hope everyone's doing great and having a blessed Ramadhan so far. Yesterday, my mood is obviously not ok (you can see from the previous post) and alhamdulillah, I'm back to normal again. I think, yesterday, I had the longest sleep ever since I've been in kmb :D Well, I'm just sorting my thoughts as I'm all alone in the room.

I called a friend of mine and talked bla bla bla.. then, it's disconnected.. ( I didnt even realized it Hehe) I immediately pressed *124#, and this msg appear on the screen

Baki 0123456789:
RM 0.04 Tempoh sah
07/12/2018 ( Hey, 7/12 's my birthday :P)


However, I managed to grab one of my friend's points, .. "there's only a way/solution =)"
Huh, I'm always in overwhelming sadness. Heck no, I actually complicate things. I once heard that, to achieve happiness is to cease worrying things, especially things which are beyond our will. Ok, maybe the word "cease" is not suitable there, how's about lessen? =.= Still, I' ll realize how blessed I am to even be breathing in this simple-yet-complicated conundrum, so called ‘life’.

Today, my friend phoned me and she said she gonna come to kmb. and I was like " OMG! OMG! Is it 4 real? I'm so ecstatic! After a while, I went to surau and finally met Aisyah..

Thanks dear 4 ur words n everything

Till then, t8 care people..

Aisyah: Jangan sedih2 lagi yer
Me : Yaya..

Dr. Atikah


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