Monday, June 7, 2010

Bicycle riding- get fit, stay fit and save money

Yesterday, about 6.30 pm, I went out for bicycle riding. Yippie. It's been a long time i didn't ride bicycle. It was fun, no doubt and the gale- force wind blew as if it was about raining. gale- force? Ok, it's hyperbola. :)

I still remembered a moment when i was a little child. I used to play bicycle in my house (our former house had a spacious living room) There's one day, I was about to show my act of bravado to mommy, as if I could fly with that bicycle from upstairs. and guess what, it came for a real. I fell from the stairs with my so called flying bicycle. boom ! pity me, heh?

lets see a few pictures I've googled :)

bicycles in ancient time..

Romantic, is it? 1st person in mind when seeing this is Rain. "Full house" auwww~~

weird and unique.

Now, technologies is so advance.
The bicycle can be even folded, especially for facilitating storage.

Ps:I used to ride tandem bicycle with een and we fell -.-
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