Monday, September 13, 2010

Bon Voyage

Howdy earthlings! I hope it’s still not to late to wish Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri. I also want to apologize to all of you for any wrongdoings I did. Maaf zahir batin.

Nur Adnin Abdullah & Nurul Hani Abdul Jalil
Bon voyage girls! Good luck to both doctor-to-be. Only God knows how much I love love love you.Tik doakan yang terbaik utk kamu. Sry 4 everything. and I'll be missing you.
Goodbye to you my trusted friends
We've known each other since we're 13 0r 14
Together we climbed hills and trees
Learned of love and abc s
Skinned our hearts and
Skinned our knees
And not to mention to others who’ll fly this wed and next week:
Fatimah Mohd Kamal
Fawwaz Aizat
and the other friends..

p/s: bersedialah wahai diri!


Fawwaz said...

papai tik ! :))

adnin said...

haih..tharu nya sy...thnx a lot tikah...doakn sy cmrlg kt Jordan n jd doktor pakar yg cmrlg,sy pn nk g UK mace awk jgk..doa la bia sy blh wak PHD kt UK or ireland

ani said...

tengs tik! terkezut tgk ad gmbr ore td..hehe :)
gud luck ko tik jugok!

AtikAh said...

fawaz: papai..

adnin: sy xtau dpt kat mane lg. insyaAllah. awk pn doakan sy ye.

ani: nnti lain kali letak gmba ani byk2. haha

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