Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Becoming old

Have you ever imagine yourself becoming old and having white or grey hairs, wrinkled skin, slightly bent body and other normal biological process, called aging? Actually, I've just finished reading "Meniti Senja" a translated novel, written by Sawako Ariyoshi (a Japanese). It's a great book indeed. This book somehow makes me ponder of becoming old. That's why today I feel like writing about this topic.

I'm not intentionally focusing on physical appearance (some of you might thought that due to my first sentence) Most people hate or dislike the fact that she/he will be living their lives as an old man or as an old woman. Some people might claim that getting old is suck as it has been stereotyped of becoming ugly, slow and weak. While
some others, who take the positive side may be enjoying the longevity. But, how far they can enjoy it? there's probably a condition, which is having a good health.

old lady who stole kids football

People don't want themselves to become old for which they do numerous initiatives; they dye their hair in order to hide the whites, they use a number of drugs to avoid aging, they even take a risk to do surgery but none of these measures are long lasting. Aging is definitely an irreversible process.

Most senior citizens suffer Alzheimer. I've heard that some of them can't even remember their own children, and worst of all, there're also who did eat their own bowels. It can be said that they are actually back to their childhood times. Can you imagine yourself being in that kind of situation? Being an old lady/man and unable to wash your own butt, for example. They also tend to be very sensitive and fragile. They easily hurt even for simple things.

So, as young people, what should we do? "Respect and care for them." U may get it right or maybe 1 mark for your answer, but are you sure you're gonna do it willingly? Just a point to ponder.

He talked to you yesterday and today, he's gone. for forever..RIP

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