Sunday, July 11, 2010

Hey Hey

This's a picture of my classmates. M10F. *credit to nazu*

Hi there! It has been a month (and plus plus :P) I'm at MCB. This' s my 1st time being away from family. (Obviously I'm not pampered :P) Alhamdulillah, im getting used to this place.. Erm, Eid holidays will start from 3 to 20 Sept. Yeeeeay, can't wait~ Idk why I dont have much idea on blogging since I enroll MCB. *_*

Last Monday, Mcb had organized Unifair. I bet it was great! Thanks super senior :) Surprisingly, I met shahkang there. (I read his blog btw) I just cant believe that I read his blog and finally met him. Gee. I also met a maahadian and I was like "Oo Emm Gee". Im so enthralled :) Her name's kak samihah. 4th year student at UCD (university college dublin) We had long conversation on that day. Thanks dear sis~

My Tok teacher once said: "Life is not just doing thing, but doing thing perfectly & correctly..." B independent? no plagiarism! Ergh! Tok essay? ><


Akmal Hayat said...

u'll have plenty of ideas to blog when it comes to EXAM SEASONS!

huhu..just wait and see..

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