Tuesday, November 4, 2008

.:huh! hARd timE:.

it was on 03 Nov 2008 ( yesterday),, when s0meone br0ke into my house.. actually,,it's n0t the wh0le house but only my bedr0om. 2nd time for this year. huh! s0me of the preci0us things were st0len. The burglars 're suspected entering my bedr0om fr0m t0ilet.. they're cat burglars! s0me 0f the unlucky things are B.U.M purse, accessories (bangles, necklace), ACER laptop, PANASONIC LUMIX camera..

  • the laptop
    daddy gave me when i was in form 2.. g0t a l0t 0f things inside it.. uh, everything!!

  • camera
  • ;font-size:85%;" >:als0 present fr0m daddy.. he gave it f0r my success in PMRU. (my camera)
    [[skrg murah daa]]

  • purse:
    g0t ic, ATM card, and for sure m0ney inside it.. huh!
    and etc..

  • Damn you cat burglars! they br0ke into my h0use when my parent're n0t at h0me. keep w0ndering,, why they're n0t taking my Alain del0in watch??

    but, there's s0mething else that w0rries me.. it's my father.. doc said that he's critical right n0w.his cardiovascular disease's stable but n0t f0r his cancer. it gets w0rsen. chem0theraphy n radi0therapy d0esn't help much.. d0c said that it may spread t0 the b0nes..n bla bla.. and d0c will d0 a treatment called *** dunn0.. i'm just can't remember it.. my father's h0spitalised since 23rd 0ct.. i'm really scared..

    and SMU,, huh.. t0 be h0nest,, i know, i'll n0t get mumtaz.. as i c0uldn't answer well f0r al-quran paper .. i didn't d0 a few questi0n. i dunn0 why.. maybe i was t0o nerv0us as it's the 1st day 0f our examinati0n.. after that paper, i cried n cried in fr0nt my friends. i felt s0 bad.. and 0f c0urse,, i l0oked really ugly at that time.. huh! didn't care.. i kept thinking b0ut my parent and ustazah.. h0w i'd dissap0inted them.. sorry!! Maybe, i will be transfered t0 other sch0ol next year.. transfered? huh,, it supp0sed t0 be "expelled".. frankly i still h0pe that i'll get mumtaz..but.. erm,, i d0 h0pe..

    t0 my friends, sorry because n0t telling the truth.. actually,, i d0n't kn0w h0w t0 start.. thank aunty, wh0 always gives me inspirational w0rds. i'll try t0 face this..
    ok,, the exam'll be end s0on.. i'll sit f0r balaghah n tarikh islam papers t0morr0w.. huh!! i will be in hiatus f0r s0me peri0d of time.. as i d0n't decide t0 buy any lapt0p bef0re i get int0 university.. insyaALLAH.. but i still will g0 online with my c0mputer. My?? huh,,
    i mean family's computer but n0t as always!

    ok.. till then..


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