Wednesday, November 12, 2008

a new me

salaam.. i'm posting again..
as u all can see,, i've changed my bl0gger skin.. uh,, just need a new m0od..
but it's still the same theme= pink+white which are my fav0urite c0lours..
huu.. the lay0ut's partially made by me.. partially?? huh?
actually,, it's edited fr0m the bl0gger original lay0ut.. hee..
seriously,, i still c0nfused with th0se code..huh? at 1st, i can't install my hal0scan c0mment.. dunn0 why.. after zilli0nth times try n err0r pr0cesses,, n avoila it's w0rk!!
and this's the result!! frankly, it still dissatisfies me..
there're s0mething wr0ng with bg b0rder, header n much m0re..
erk!! i'm n0t really g0od at this.. nvm..

it's 12nd N0v.. it's a week n0w.. actually,, it's on my bel0ved m0m's birthday n last day of my exam.. i felt s0 sad as i didn't have a chance t0 be with him in his last m0ment..
i felt s0 guilty as if my exam's m0re imp0rtant than him.. huh?
i'll try t0 be t0ugh n think p0sitely.. insyaALLAH..
i als0 will try t0 be m0re 0pen-minded.. huu

bdw, thx dear friends, wh0 always supp0rt me
behind.. l0ve y0u all girls..
Recently,, i kn0w wh0're my true friends..
yeah.. a friend in need is a friend indeed!
felt dissap0inted with s0meone##
i th0ught, that pers0n c0uld be my best friend.
a friend wh0 i can rely on n c0nsole me when i'm feeling d0wn..
but after that incident,, that pers0n did
n't care f0r me..
huh! d0n't care..
FYI, that pers0n's n0t with related my hubby 2 be or MR.B and even MR. RIGHT!!


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