Tuesday, November 18, 2008


i want it that way!!
s0 simple, right?

still blur in chem+phy+bi0+addmath
kinda 2 m0nth ign0ring them.. sry dear addmath!
n i start attendin' tuiti0n class again, after 4 m0nth, th0ugh
at 1st, i didn't kn0w how t0 use calculat0r
(i gave wr0ng answer t0 my +math teacher!)

then, i c0uldn't write g0od sentences, even one, huh
( i wr0te a sentence with full 0f grammatical err0rs 0n whiteb0ard)
and what's next? huh (?)
yet, what c0uld i d0? blushed with embarrassment?
huh? let bygones be bygones, right?..

p/s: this s0ng d0esn't relate at all with this p0st..


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