Wednesday, November 12, 2008


t0day,, 4 SC1 did a farewell feast.. haha.. menu: nasi t0mato,.. c0oked by our raidah's m0ther.. s0 yummy.. drink: sunquick orange.. guess wh0 prepare it?? hee.. there's als0 a nasyid c0mpetiti0n..

j0ined by fiq, nab, ten, miss, nick.. they sang "hanya tuhan yang tahu".. s0 k0pa.. 3 stars++ hee..

2nd gr0up: 1-2-3!
fr0m murni n da gang.. mendayu2 l
err.. hee

3rd gr0up: NASI AYE!
bibah, adnin n syazwani.. i l0ve their perf0rmance.. keluarga bahagia fr0m saujana..
s0 funny.. but i only can hear bibah's v0ice.. where'r
e 0thers??

yana, r0dziah, munirah, aisyah n da gang.. with their mixed s0ngs.. l0ve it t0o..

haha.. where's me?? h0nestly, i can't sing.. my v0ice is ****..d0n't need t0 tell it as i kn0w u all've already knew it.. haks.. i'm just judging th0se perf0rmances..
t0gether with ain, yine n tini..

after that,, our raidah, fiq n farhan sang "AYAT2 CINTA" .. haks!! truly sed0w.. ahaks..
then,, mamam time.. every0ne's excited.. haha.. teachers did j0in us..
it t0ok ab0ut 2 h0urs, i supp0se.. then,, cl0sing cerem0ny.. every0ne with their presents.. except me. is it unf
air? haha
uh,, the winner's 4th gr0up!! c0ngratz!
then,, we (including me) sang again.. GEMURUH- ADA UNTUKMU....
i can't remember th0se lyrics.. i'm just "nanana" n "lalala".. haha..
only remembered this:

"Gemuruh jiwa semangat membara
Dari puncak ingin keangkasa"

12.30: Calculat0rs went h0me.. except yine n i..
we still makan n makan.. haha..

after that,, we washed plates, glasses n s0 on.. swept fl0or..
2.00 pm.. SETTLED!!

huh,, en0ugh! ok till then..


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