Saturday, April 10, 2010

PNB Scholarship Test 2010

PNB tower, just beside Tabung Haji.
As i said in my previous post, i would publish about my experience regarding PNB test. But, since my friend already wrote in detail, i guess it's no need. hehe.

Well, actually, the test is CRTB ( Critical Reasoning Test Battery) It sounds funny to me. xD. idk y it is called like that. The test is consisted of 3 part, which are:

1) Verbal Evaluation - It is an english test, we were given a few short paraghraph (about 6 to 7 lines) and there are 2 to 3 questions for each paragraph. There 're 20 questions and we needed to answer them in 20 minutes. It's quite daunting as the level of english is quite high and for sure, we need to understand the whole passage. It's quite similar to Comprehension 1119 or maybe EST (Im not taking EST, so idk how it looks like)

2) Interpreting Data - It's all about math. We need to understand figures, diagrams and charts and numbers.
They asked us to calculate the turnover profit, the capital growth, the average sales and lotsa. Don't worry, we're allowed to use calculator. It's quite difficult as my brain had frozen from doing math for about 4 month. har3. 18 questions in 20 minutes, so you have to calculate as fast as possible. Sometimes, they used the same figure/diagram but different question.

3) Diagrammatic Series - it is so called IQ test. My advice is you should try to answer lots of IQ test before going to sit for this test. U should ask Pak Cik Google and Mak Cik Yahoo. It is all in diagram (that y it's diagrammatic series). They give a combined shape and u have find another. Quite tricky, actually. 40 questions in 20 minutes, so don't spend t0o much time on a question.

Erm, all the questions are MCQ ( multiple choice question) consist of A , B and C basically, A-agree B- don't agree and C- need more information. If u can't answer it, thats mean u can "SHOOT" them. Bang ! Bang! or just use M16. Lol. Who know if u r lucky enough 2 get it right. xD. The test books are from UK and I heard that the IQ test for Petronas is quite the same as PNB. We were not allowed to make any sketch or scribble on that books.

and if u managed to get high score for this test, u might be shortlisted for interview. (The interview is Yes or No, which means it depends on the PNB management to conduct it or not)

In a lift to 36th level, i did ask a staff about the statistic of scholars. It's all depends but usually there's only less 30 candidates will be chosen from 300 applicant who went to the test. It is a tough competition but i think it is ok as PNB do send students to reputable universities like MIT, Yale, Oxford and Cambridge.
Good luck for future candidates.

Requirement to apply this scholarship
- 8As and 2A for GCE-O. But my friend did apply it even he got 3B, and he was shortlisted for the test. so, my advice is APPLY.
-courses : engineering, accountancy, actuarial science, maths and economy n lotsa.


Akh Investor said...

Nice post u have there..
It helps a lot.. Thx..
btw, now doing IB, under which scholarship?

raindrops said...

salam. went there just now. harhar the maths one really got my nerves lol

Anonymous said...

Hello, I just want to ask this, what formal attire to wear to this IQ test. Is it baju kurung or business attire? Sorry for asking this silly question. Hope you reply. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Another question, is it an individually kind of test or a group kind of test?

AtikAh said...

Hey, you can wear any formal attire. Baju kurung or suit, up to you. It is individual, just like normal school exam with MCQ form :)

Akh Investor said...

It would suggest to you to wear formal attire like Atikah said. Either baju kurung or suit would do. It's an individual test. But bear in mind that this assessment method was in 2011, hence i'm not sure whether it's still the same or it has changed. Anyways, good luck!

Akh Investor said...

You can wear either of those two. As long as they are formal.
And it's and individual test. Good Luck!

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