Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Everyone's going

Yep, everyone's going. A few of my friends will go for 3 month preparation before pursuing their studies to Mid East. (a few of them are already in Intec now) Just now, a friend of mine texted me and she said she's going to US, for engineering under PSD/jpa. Some will go to dq and any other institutions. Seems that everybody's leaving.

Btw, congratulation. We are so happy for yuuu~

Next 2 week, the result for UPU will come out. and the rest, have to wait till the middle of May to know =.=

Ok, till then..

p/s: I made trifle yesterday. (swiss roll, home made custard and mango jelly) Yummy. Thanks for t recipe, my friend :) I'll try another flavour next time.


Izzuddin said...

All the best for u!!

ani said...

pastu idang kat aku ek..

AtikAh said...

e-zudin: thanks. you too.

ani: segan ah. hee

Niknabil Abdullah said...

mesti best kam trifle tuh..hehe

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