Thursday, April 22, 2010


Outing again. Not even even a purpose actually; just to met Hani and others. As they're still at school, I went around alone.

First destination, KBTC. I went to giant and discovered so many things. Baby socks, baby dresses, prams, yadda yadda. Waa, so adorable. Just love them all.

Headed to McD. Having fun with Mcflurry while reading novel. Then, hani called and we went to Karisma.

There, gossip, gossip, gossip. xD Then, talk to Sis Marina, Nana and Yine. All of us just worried bout our future. Well, it's normal. =.=

Headed to McD again. Cheeseburger.

Met my sis and walked to Muhibah. This time, cake and pudding. Muahahaha :)

Btw, I'm totally in love with Adamaya. Adam is soo cute :). It's been ages I haven't watched any drama.

This Saturday, I'll go for picnic with KEX'10 pals. Looking forward for that. Yippie~


Farhan said...

err, ngeri es plop stokin~

AtikAh said...

removed already~

Farhan said...

tak sengeri yg disangka. hee

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