Sunday, April 11, 2010

D-1 version

Alhamdulillah, cert n other document dah settle.
But, I'm still confuse about copies(non-ori) of cert.
Do we need to put in clear folder t0o? so, is that mean, we need to have 2 clear folder? alahai.
For now, i just clip them (the non-ori ones) Nanti nak bagi kat dia jugak kan.
N toworrow will b the day. Wish me luck my friends and I'll try my BEST :)

p/s: malam ni nak tido awal. Dah xde da kul 3. Esk mlm boley kot, hee


miss nureen said...

esk ado gpo?

NunieyJay said...

esk ke intebiu?

Farhan said...

good luck~ xD

Anonymous said...

taboley, taboley. esk malam pn taboley. x bagus tu huu

AtikAh said...

nureen: ngee. interview.

hunny: yap, my dear.

an0n: :p

farhan: thanks~

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