Monday, December 8, 2008

love story!

tiru kak siah ker nieyh? haks..
same wif her,, i like this lyrics!! hee
xjiw0 deyhs,, ahaks!!

This is my story
It’s true
OK, listen..

the sweet words that i wanted to dedicate to you
is the words that make me sad
eventhough we fell in love very much
but somehow we still..
cannot overcome that reason.
we’re just like a fool one's,
that can't confess our own feelings.

so, how are you now.. i dont know.
did your heart changed? its not too late right?
i've prayed but you still.. turned away coldly.

this is a true love story.
it's my story that i risked everything on.
but its has reach to an end, and everything is over now.

this is my past love.
i love you, and i still love you.
it is possible to forget that i loved you.
the love that buried in my memory.
when you left me..
all of the promises you have made is totally nothing.
you smiled while telling my story
while me is suffering of this sickening heartache.
i'm dying. did you notice?

this is my true story.
the real sound from my heart

if i give all my guarantees.
i will be forever waiting for you to come back to me.
my heart is breaking. just like a glass fall down to earth..
wreck and scattered. it's very painful and scorching.
i'm drown into the hateness and all the innermost feeling of you.
i'm half-way lost. but love.. is still recalling.

you have found someone that really suits you right?
so, that's it.

everything change.
now, everything can be settle without you.
now, listen to any songs of ours will give it all my sentiment.
i'm so sick of those songs.
the songs of ours. songs of lie

i’m not regretting.
just at time, i feel stupid for knowing you.

i will try to forget you thought i didn't want to..
but i just have to. it's not easy to do,
however i'll try.

i'm trying hard to forget you now.
thanks a lot for dragging me into this stupid sadness
that i've never felt before.

p/s: rec0mp0sed by kak siah..
the original one
: here


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