Friday, December 19, 2008


To: MMP SPM' 09 candidates (science stream)

Message: EST 's no l0nger a compulsory subject for spm.
means, u can drop that subject.
but,, u can't take 11 subjects
still 12 subjects.

Tawassur Islam 's the m0st advisable subject in replacing EST.
so girls, decide n choose wisely..
it's ur future.

give ur responses girls. enthuasiastic or not??
i'm a bit confuse actually.
tell me what's the subject you want to take in replacing EST.



You can't take m0re than 12 f0r ur spm.
Any additional subject's only Tasawwur Islam.
No more EST, isk~

fighting f0r ur spm.

Source: papa li terchenta

p/s: s0me0ne t0ld me that there'll be a new mudirah next year. fr0m MP3. *erk?*

p/s: ari2 p0st blog. maju2


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